Weekend in Phoenix

Hi everyone!  Hope you have had a great weekend!  I am currently in Scottsdale, Arizona where I have been visiting my friend Katie from college.  Our other friend Kat came too and the weekend has been a blast but has gone by way too fast :( .

Random fact:  Kat, Katie and I are all actually named Kathryn–which isn’t really the common way to spell it, so it is weird that we all have the same name.   We haven’t all seen each other since Kat’s wedding in May so it was great to catch up and spend a relaxing weekend together.  My friend and old coworker Gwen also came up from Tucson for Friday night.

I don’t have a recipe for you because I haven’t been cooking at all–only eating out.  This post is mostly going to be a recap of the weekend in pictures.

We spent the weekend laying out, eating, hanging out, and went out on Friday.  We got manicures at the Phoenician (a really nice spa) on Saturday which allowed us to spend the whole day there using their facilities.   The spa services are pricey but it was great because we got to spend the whole day using the gym and taking any fitness classes offered, using the steam room/sauna and laying out at the pool.   They had a water slide but it was closed by the time we tried to use it.  Not going to lie…I’m still pretty upset by that.  Yesterday Kat had to leave :( so after we took her to the airport, we went to In-n-Out (I had never been), did some shopping (Katie got Tory Birch flats for $40!!) and saw Like Crazy.  Today we hiked Camelback mountain and then laid out.

Now I’m about to head out to the airport :( .  I’ll prob post a few more pics but these are the only ones on my phone because I forgot my camera cord.  So here they are:






That’s all I’ve got on my phone!  I’m headed to the airport shortly so I have to get going on packing up my stuff.

How was everyone else’s weekend?  See you guys Wednesday and I will have a Thanksgiving recipe then!





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