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I have been really busy at work this week so I haven’t had a chance to get much cooking in.  Well, I did roast some brussel sprouts, I might share that recipe with you later in the week (oh  yes, get excited).   And right at the moment I am making some applesauce…which I have never made before!

But I also have a ton of stuff that I stole was generously given from my parents pantry that probably will last me for the rest of the week so I haven’t been inspired to do that much cooking.

So today I thought I would do a fun post that I have been meaning to do for awhile and tell you about some of the random searches that lead people to our blog (and I’m glad the searches led people here….thanks for stopping by!).  Some make sense and other’s I’m a little more unsure about…

1. ”Why I hate Jimmy John’s”

So I’m not the only one!  Finally I have found another Jimmy John’s hater, hallelejah!

The Jimmy John’s recreation is delish though!

2. “Blueberries are oeas holding their breath”.

Close!  But blueberries are actually peas holding their breath

3. “Picture with People at Parties”

I have some of those!



4. “in hungary right now.  a tuna sandwich sounds super yummy.  i say we definitely go to brunch but let’s try a new one”

I have a few brunch places to recommend, but they are in Chicago unfortunately and not in Hungary.  Or did you mean you were hungry?  I have a few tuna recipes too though, maybe that will help!

5.  “My mom’s muscles”

True, Karen has some serious muscles

6. “Shopping on a budget blogs”

Sorry, can’t help you there.  That idea tanked about a month in…but if you have any ideas to get me back on one, please let me know!

7. “Fun girls”

Hells yess, we are fun!

8. “Wrong!  I did burn those sweatpants”

Dad?  Is that you?  I hope so!

(My dad used to do outside work in bright red sweatpants–in my prime years of embarassment–middle school.  I haven’t gotten over it entirely)

11. “Peas and rats”

Story of my life, my friends

12. “Bunny Droppings”

I highly doubt cookies was what you were searching for, but I do have some bunny dropping cookies!  They could easily be turned into reindeer droppings for Christmas!  Make them, I promise you will love them!   Hm, I’m actually thinking about making them now.

13.  “Do you have a kleenex??”

Sadly no and neither does my dad

I actually had a better one where I am actually asking for a kleenex (not joking) but I can’t find it!  So this one will have to do.

14. “Tomatoes make me feel naesous”

This is just wrong!

15. “How to cook eggplant with toe food”


16. Clean, organized fridge

I don’t think you came to the right place with that search :)

And now onto some more helpful searches…..

3 of our most popular recipes and the ones that get searched over and over surprise me a bit, but if missed them the first time around or haven’t tried them yet, I suggest that you do!

First is the pink deviled eggs that my mom made last Easter.  A lot a lot of people search for pink deviled eggs, which kind of surprises me, but they are really pretty and tasty too so if you are also looking to dye your eggs or just for a deviled egg recipe, check it out.

pretty in pink

Second is for a recipe with how to recreate Panera’s Tomato Soup.  I made a tomato soup that tasted very very similar to Panera’s awhile back.   If you like Panera’s tomato soup (thicker tomato soup which is mostly creamy with a few tomato pieces), this recipe is a winner

Third is for a single serving microwave brownie.  I made this one on a whim when I wanted chocolate and am glad I did because now I have a go-to recipe when I feel like a little bit of chocolate.  This way, I don’t eat half a pan of brownies in one sitting.  I’m thinking about creating a few more ‘single serving’ recipes like this.   I have one just about perfected and should be posting later in the week

If you have a blog, what are some of the funniest searches you have seen come your way? 

If you don’t, what are some of the randomest things you have searched?

Have a great night!


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