Training Tuesday and Psychic Monday

This four day week is flying by so far!  I promised you guys I would talk a little about what I did last night, but first I want to do a training update since I haven’t done one in awhile.   Also did you guys read my mom’s Florida recap yesterday?  I thought it was really funny that she went to Season’s 52 and loved it because I have seen both Julie and Gina talk about how much they love this restaurant and have always been jealous I don’t have one by me (well at least not close enough).  I never mentioned that to my mom though, glad to see she had such a great review of it too!  I ran 7 miles 2 weeks ago and was planning on doing 7 last Friday but the weather was cold, rainy and very windy so an outdoor run was a no go.  I took my run indoors but could only manage about 4.5 on the treadmill before I called it quits.  My ipod died after about 3 and I just couldn’t run listening to ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ anymore (although I do love that show).   Lately my ipod dies within 30 or so minutes, less if I’m running outside.  I am hoping I can just replace the battery and it will be back to normal but I’m not known for my skill of keeping electronics alive so I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure I have been through more cell phones, ipods, computers than is normal.

The first time I ran 7, it was on a Saturday morning so I decided to mimic race day by eating a good pre-race meal of toast with peanut butter and banana.   My stomach felt fine for the whole run with this meal, but I did start to feel really sick when I actually stopped running. It went away after 20 or so minutes of laying down.  Other than that, the run went really well!  I ran with my friend Alex who is also training for the half marathon, and we kept a pretty good pace up the entire time but were still able to converse throughout the run.  Both of us were just getting over colds so the only problem that we had is that we ran out of kleenex less than halfway through and that sucked pretty badly.  I didn’t feel any pain in my legs during the run and iced my knee a bit after.  I got a really bad headache later on in the day though which told me that I probably didn’t drink enough water when I was done.  Overall, I think 7 is the furthest I have gone at one time, so I was really glad to finish it feeling great!

Do I look like a boy in this pic or what? My next 7 is going to be on either Thursday or Friday so fingers crossed it will go well since my distance has been down a bit in the last two weeks.

I have been cross training with classes at the gym, usually strength training and I like using the classes more than elliptical or arc trainer.  I also realized how much more I like strength training in a class or group setting rather than on my own.  It’s not that I mind doing weights on my own, but I do think I push myself a lot harder in a class where a bunch of other people are doing the same thing.  I have been skipping Zumba for the past few weeks.  Even though I love going, I noticed the last few times that it was really bothering my knees (which already hurt when I run) so I figured maybe I should give it a rest for awhile which makes me sad.

I also keep meaning to buy my own foam roller but for now, I just use one at the gym whenever I go.  I cannot say enough good things about foam rolling after running.  It sometimes hurts to do, but it is a great way to get all the knots out of your legs.  Plus, when it hurts you know that means you really need to do it.  I also read recently that foam rolling can reduce cellulite by increasing circulation.  Double bonus!!


On from training to the fun stuff!  I want to talk about a fun adventure I had yesterday.  My friend and I went to see a psychic!


Is that the image you guys think of when you think of a psychic too?  The guy we went to was not that way at all, he was young and very down to earth, and easy to talk to.   If you are wondering why we went to a psychic, it was totally just for fun and not serious.   An old coworker of mine had told me about a bunch of psychics in the Chicago area and that they were relatively cheap so we figured it would be fun to give it a try.  We booked the appointments awhile back and kind of forgot about them, but I actually think it was better that way so we didn’t even really have time to think about what we should expect.  While I do believe in people (all people, not just psychics) being somewhat clairvoyant, I am very skeptical about psychics predicting stuff like 10+ years down the road.

The reason I think everyone has a bit of a ‘psychic’ in them is because we have all had times where we think something along the lines of ‘oh I bet so-and-so is going to call me’ and then that person calls the next minute.  How do we  explain stuff like that?  I think that some people have a lot more of that ability than others.   My belief has been stronger ever since I took a class in college where one person had to walk around campus doing random things while another person tried really hard to think about what the other person was doing.  It was really surprising to see how many people knew almost exactly where the other person was going or what they were doing for the majority of the time.

Where I struggle with belief is when we are talking about distant future because I find it hard to see how someone would know that.   Plus it’s almost like they don’t really have to know, do they?  It’s not like you are going to look them up in 20 years and tell them it isn’t true, so it doesn’t hurt the reader at all.

Going into it I figured I would just have fun with it and not take anything very seriously.   I made sure that I kept fairly tight lipped about everything going on in my life because I didn’t want to give any sort of info he could run with.  I actually was really impressed, he did a great job and also knew quite a few random details that he would have had absolutely no way of knowing.  He also didn’t talk about distant future but stuck with the next year or so (and I didn’t tell him about my skepticism for that kind of reading).  In general, he was really really good and that freaked me out a bit.   There really wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t find to be true in what he said.  I do think some of the things he said could have come from picking up on subtle things about me.  For example, I’m left handed and left handedness generally = creativity (and awesomeness but that kinda goes without saying).

Bottom line, it was really fun and something different to do but I’m not going to live and die by what he said.   Although everything he predicted was really positive so maybe I should.  If you are interested in getting a spiritual or tarot reading, even if you want to have one just for fun and for a new experience, I would highly reocmmend Arturo Edan Munoz.  For those of you in Chicago, he is located in Andersonville but I also just read on his website that he will do readings over the phone too!

Do you guys have experience with psychics?  What is your take on them–do you think they are legit?

I’m off to the gym and then to meet up with a friend for dinner at Kuma’s Corner.  From the 2000+ reviews on yelp, I’m not sure what to expect but either way I’ll be back with a review.  See you Thursday!

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