Supper Club- Mediterranean March

Hello everyone!  Sorry this post is getting up a little bit late.  I had acupuncture tonight and got thrown off by how late it was when I got back!

Monday night was the night for our monthly supper club.  The theme was Mediterranean which I was really excited for.  We normally do our dinners on Thursday since the work week is almost over and we can enjoy a little bit more wine than we might on another night, but because of everyone’s busy schedules, this month had to be on a Monday.  We are almost out of time in March, how crazy is that!  We also switch apartments each month so everyone gets a turn being host and this month was at mine and Mer’s apartment.

I initially had plans to make a traditional greek salad (which doesn’t have lettuce) but then I decided that the salad wasn’t going to be big enough with the ingredients that I had, so I added some chopped spinach.

In the salad went:

4 cucumbers, which I peeled and seeded

6 roma tomatoes

3 cups spinach

20 or so olives

3 T capers

¼ cup feta

For the dressing I used 1 T of olive oil and 1 T vinegar.  Not bad for the entire salad!

I added a tiny bit of lemon juice as well as a little bit of salt and pepper and that’s it!  The salad is really really easy but tastes fresh and delicious and is a must for any mediterranean meal.   You also don’t need to seed the cucumbers, I just think the seeds can be overpowering and gross unless they are those mini pickling cucumbers.  To seed them, simply cut the cucumber in half length-wise and scrape out the seeds with a spoon.

The other dishes that we had were: falafel pitas made by Jenn.  She also made red pepper hummus and tzatziki sauce and both were delicious!

Spinach pies made by Kg which were really good..I believe she used a recipe from Cooking Light but I forgot to ask and she is now in Florida…not fair.  I’ll check and hopefully have it early next week for you guys!  Artichoke and Arugula Pizza with Prosciutto made by Alex which was one of my fav dishes of the evening.  The recipe is also from Cooking Light and can be found here.

Last but not least, we had  hummus/pita and taboulleh made bought by Mer.  Normally Mer would have been banned from the supper club for this sort of behavior, but we gave her a break because she just got back Sunday from 2 weeks in Vegas for work and sleep was her first priority. Can’t blame her!

This month’s line-up was a little carb heavy as you can see, but everything was so delicious!  I was stuffed!

The spinach pie is on the left of my plate, I thought I had another pic of it, but I guess I don’t!

As you can maybe see from the picture, our living room isn’t that big and we don’t have a separate eating area.  Because there really isn’t room for a big table (or even a small one), we have a table with leaves that fold down so it is really small when it isn’t in use.  In order to set it up for a lot of people, we have to switch out the coffee table and this table.  Kinda ghetto but it seems like a good solution for the small space we have and when the table is normal size it can probably seat 8 or so.  Plus we don’t actually use it that often so it isn’t like we are switching them everyday or something.



I’m also really excited because Mer and I just made plans for how to decorate our back porch once the weather turns warmer!  We moved into this apartment in September and didn’t have long before the cold set in.  We have a wrought iron table with a glass top and are going to spray paint it hot pink with matching hot pink wrought iron chairs.  Our porch resembles a junk yard at the moment so I am really excited to start fixing it up a bit.


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  1. your pics look sooo much better than mine!! the food looks delicious (it was), and i loved the tablesetting :) can’t wait for carnival in april!

  2. melinda mclellan

    what a fun idea…and for those who are not cooks by nature, it helps them try things…can’t wait to make the salad and pizza…great job to all!

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