Summer shots


Not that kind of shots!  Though those seem to scream summer too!

This kind…












You know those things that will just always remind you of summer days?  Laying by the pool or beach until you can feel the burn and realize you need to go home.  Running in HOT weather and sweating about 2 minutes in, drinking a few beers at a street fests, Lollapalooza!,  eating a delicious fruit salad (with extra watermelon), a huge cup of fro yo, enjoying a beautiful sunset, golfing, relaxing in Port Austin or Harbor Springs, wearing summer dresses as much as possible, nighttime Tigers games and most importantly….

Table dancin!

OK this doesn’t actually make me think of summer… but I just came across this picture and it made me laugh.

Sorry Mom and Dad.  At least the table never broke!

So what makes you think of summer? 



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3 Responses to Summer shots

  1. ashley

    OMG!! this just made my day as i’m sitting in a hospital medical library at 6:30 on a saturday night….can you say lame?!?!?! Luv your posts KT, when is that table dancing picture from?? hahahah

    • ha love it! this was from that summer…the one where we celebrated your 21st bday by throwing cake everywhere hahah. so we probably did some table dancin then too. miss you!!!

  2. Guilty

    OMG. You did not….

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