Real chill Saturday

Hello from GP!  I came home for Mothers Day since I am such an awesome and wonderful daughter.   Today I got up bright and early and went out on what was supposed to be a tempo run.  But, right when I put my garmin on it died :( so I ended up just running about 4.5 miles totally unsure of pace.   I think I went out pretty fast because by mile 2 I was struggling.  I forced myself to slow my pace way down and stopped to stretch out my hip a few times too.   One lady ran by me when I was stopping to stretch and she looked to be running a decent pace, so I made myself stay behind her for the remaining mile I had.  I stayed like 30 feet behind her so I didn’t look like a total creeper (just a partial one).   It was a beautiful morning and I ran by the lake which made it even better.

After that I went to get my hair done.  I was getting some roots so I was relived to get that done.   I didn’t have time to eat in between running and hair appt besides a few ginger snaps I grabbed on my way out, so I was starving when I got home.  I had some leftover tortilla soup, a tamale and some roasted garlic and black bean tostitos.

Seriously addicting.  While I was busy shoving my face full of Tostitos, my parents were doing work out in the yard (um count me OUT) so I snapped a shot of my dad:

I told my dad that high socks were soooooo 2000 and he said since when did he care what other people were doing?  Touche Dad, touche.  Random info:  when I was in middle school, aka the most awkward and self conscious of all times already, my dad owned this pair of red–like bright red sweatpants.  I came home from school one day to find him raking leaves or something in our front yard in this pair of sweatpants and I was beyond mortified.   He told me he didn’t care what anyone thought of him and I shouldn’t either.   While at the time I thought it was the most horrific thing that could happen to a person, now I look back on how embarrassed I was and laugh.   It is such a waste of time worrying what other people think about you!  Now I know better, but I wish it was something that most middle schoolers and high schoolers knew–it would save a lot of stress and worry.   Although don’t get me wrong–I did burn those sweatpants in a backyard bonfire shortly after the incident.

After lunch, my mom and I headed out on some errands to get the food and things we needed for tomorrow–including some new running shorts which were a total necessity.  We are having Mother’s Day at my parents house which should be fun.    We stopped to get fruit and I saw the best news I have seen in awhile:

Watermelon Season is upon us!!!

We were supposed to go out to dinner but a few events lead to just my mom and I eating at home.  My dad had something come up and my brother said he didn’t want to come home to eat with us.   He is still at the point where he feels like if he stays at home with his family he is a loser and must be missing something cool with his friends.   He also asks to leave the table after 20 minutes since despite being a 20 year old boy who should eat a lot, he definitely eats a lot less than I do.  Sad (for me) but true.   The post title?  Everything he does is ‘real chill’ and since today was a pretty good lil Saturday, I deemed it worthy of a real chill status.

Speaking of being too cool…I found these pictures at my grandparents house today and thought they were pretty funny.  Looks like I’m not too excited about you either, huh Andrew?  Sorry for the poor quality..they are pics of pics.

“Ummm….who is this and what is he doing here?”

“I’m still not sold.”   At least I’ve got a stylin outfit in the second picture though.

Anyways, back to dinner.   My mom and I had stuffed chicken-two different kinds.  One was stuffed with mozzarella and tomato, the other with asparagus and provolone.   They were pretty good but both needed a ton of salt.

The star of the meal ended up being a mushroom flat bread pizza from Trader Joe’s.  We tried to save some for my dad to eat when he got home, but ended up polishing it off.  Oops!

Now I’m off to drink wine help my mom get ready for tomorrow and make some delicious cookies!  Recipe coming later this week.  Have a great night!


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