Randolph Street Market

I had heard about the Randolph Street Market before and had it on my ‘things I want to do list’ but had just never gotten around to it.  When Meredith told me that she was thinking of going on Sunday, I figured I might as well go too!

The market is advertised as a few different things…a vintage market, antique market and indie designer market.  It is once a month (I think) and is both indoors and outdoors.  I wasn’t sure what to expect because I read really mixed reviews on yelp…some people seemed to love it and find great stuff and others thought it was really overpriced.

Mer and I took two buses to get there because I also read on yelp that parking was nonexistent or really expensive.  The second bus that we got on had about 4 guys singing gospel–and loudly.  At first I thought ‘oh whatever, it is kinda cool’ and definitely not something that you hear everyday.  But, 1. they weren’t very good at all and after a few minutes of the really loud singing, I got kind of annoyed, because really how is that different than someone coming on and playing music really loudly?  I think it is more just the principal that on a super packed bus most people keep to themselves and mind their own business instead of making a ton of noise and attracting attention to themselves.  It’s not like you can really ask them to stop because as Mer and I talked about after, what kind of person is going to ask someone to stop singing about Jesus?  We sure weren’t.   I made a SIASC (smoothie in a solo cup) for the road, so at least that kept me occupied.  It contained frozen berries, frozen 2/3 of a banana, xantham gum, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 scoop protein powder and cereal mixed in.

After our religious bus ride, we just had to walk a few blocks to the entrance.  Strike 1 against the market is that it costs 10 dollars to get in.  I can see why they charge because they need to make some money, but 10 is pretty steep, I think 5 would be more reasonable.   But I sucked it up and paid while cursing myself for losing my (expired) student ID–I think it is a lot cheaper with one.

Right when we walked in, I realized it was going to take us awhile to get through everything–no problem there!   There was a center aisle with food and music with 2 rows on one side and 3 on the other.  Each ‘row’ had booths on both sides and this was just outside.   Mer and I worked out which way we wanted to go and started off.   It looked to me like everything was pretty much jumbled together–clothes, jewelry, antiques, house stuff, etc.  We saw a lot of cool stuff and I especially loved a ton of random decor items but a lot of it was way overpriced.   Here are some highlights:


Wouldn’t those be fun bar glasses?  It was a full set numbered 1-24, but I couldn’t really justify spending almost 80 bucks on them–especially because I had already made a few other purchases.  I really love them though!

I thought this giant W would be a cool thing for my parents to own, but then I checked the price..$200.  Darn.

Pretty chair!

Old School Cookbooks!

Some great shoe storage!  Would be cool in a front hall way.

Loved these guys!  But the set was 100 and the seller wasn’t budging on price :( .  I also thought they would be funny to own since I’m terrified of birds in real life (minus the really tiny harmless ones).

Beads galore!

Lovin the color!

Check out a close up of the above chair…it is made entirely of beads!  Can you imagine how long that would take?

I spy Mer and her new purse!

The above booth was cool because they used potato sacks (or that material at least) for signs, pillows, etc.  I actually saw this at a bunch of booths so I am guessing it is pretty popular right now.  I saw some chair cushions upholstered in that way too.  Most of these particular booths said no pics but I didn’t realize at the time mwahahhaa.  They would probably be super simple (and cheap!) to diy.

It took us a few hours to get through everything, but it was well worth it.

Now, for the most important part…what I bought!

I got 3 purses for a grand total of 30 dollars!

The first one was 20 bucks and the other two were actually 2.50 each!  Not too bad…I plan on fixing up the last one a bit.  I saw another purse I wanted towards the end but I had to restrain myself as I couldn’t really justify buying 4 purses in the span of an hour.   I also saw a really cool polka dot dress with matching coat that was straight out of Mad Men but it was selling for 150 so I had to let it go (after staring longingly at it for a solid 10 minutes).

Last but not least is….

One of the turquoise tables!  Now my new nightstand.  I needed a new table anyways because mine was water stained and I loved the color of this one.  Plus at only 35 bucks, it seemed like a great deal!  It looks good with the black/white color scheme in my room…I can’t show you a pic of the whole room because it is too messy right now.

All in all, I loved the market.  Yes, a lot of stuff was definitely overpriced but I left with a lot of great purchases and didn’t feel like I had spent an obscene amount of money for the amount of stuff that I got.  Plus it was something fun and different to do on a Sunday (it is also open on Saturday).  I will most definitely be back and if you are in the Chicago area, I highly recommend giving the market a try!   You never know what you might find.

Are you a fan of vintage/antique shopping?  I have nightmares of my parents making me go to antique store after antique store as a child.  Ugh it was horrible.  But now I can see why they wanted to go because I love it!


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