Productive Saturday

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great weekend!  A few of my friends from high school and college are in town this weekend for a bachelor party (of another good friend).  The bachelor party is tonight so we were able to all go out for awhile last night.   I only took one random picture of my friend Pete’s beer.  He went to the bathroom and put a coaster over the top of his beer so that we wouldn’t do anything to it.  Obviously that meant we had to do something to it so we threw a set of silverware in as well as a few napkins and lemons.   Very mature.  He still drank the rest though :O

Not gonna lie, I was struggling a bit this morning so I did what I usually do when hungover…went to Leo’s Coney Island, the absolute best addition to Chicago and great for hangover food.  And greek salads too.

I felt 100 times better after eating these:

Chili fries!  Looks a little like barf, no?   They were delicious though.

I also ordered a greek salad and brought it home to eat for dinner:

In between my two Leo’s meals, I went downtown with Mer to look for dresses for weddings that we have coming up next month.  Every time I go to Michigan Ave on a Saturday or Sunday, I wonder what the heck I was thinking because it is so crowded and insane.  We went to Nordstrom’s and then Mer had to leave but I continued onto Marshall’s, Forever 21 (huge mistake-it was insane), Anthropologie and Nordstrom Rack.  I also bought a pair of J Brand jeans at Marshall’s for 35 bucks which I am really excited about.   J Brand is my fav brand for jeans and I love that they are super long which can be hard for me to find sometimes.  I didn’t take a pic of mine but they look just like these:


My abs look like that too, obviously.

I stopped to take a picture on the bridge right when the wind started up and I almost got knocked out by my umbrella. The picture actually doesn’t really do justice to the weather because it was freezing, super windy and raining sideways.  My umbrella almost flipped inside out multiple times.  I’m actually not really sure what inspired me to walk from stores on Michigan Ave to stores on State St which were probably almost a mile apart.   I’m glad I did though because I ended up finding a dress at Nordstrom Rack that I absolutely love.  Mission accomplished.

Did you notice something off in the last two pictures?  I actually took them the other day when it was sunny and warm.  The bottom pic is the site of Topshop which is scheduled to open in the fall.  I cannot wait although it will be pretty dangerous for my bank account.

I made some cookies yesterday which I think you guys are really going to like…they are different than anything I have ever tried.  I just need to tweak the recipe a bit and I think it will be ready to share tomorrow.

Even though today started out a little grim, it turned out to be pretty productive!  Have a great night!


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