Popsicle time!

Remember when I showed you a picture of the popsicles that we made in Harbor?

Well, I had to try out another kind before I could give you the ‘recipe’, so now I have both for you!

The recipe actually comes from Martha Stewart herself.  We bought Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine which had lots of pretty popsicles on the cover.

After we picked up the magazine, I told my dad I was jealous of Martha Stewart and how creative she is since she is always coming up with great ideas.   He told me he doesn’t think she is coming up with all the ideas on her own.  Dohhh, Oh really?  I had no idea Martha wasn’t running the corporation single handedly!  Even if she isn’t the one coming up with every single idea, she must have had some great ones to make it to where she is today!  (Sidenote: I used to dislike Martha Stewart because she kind of annoyed me—no basis for it, she just did.  Now I love her!)

Anyways, if you like popsicles but don’t want tons of sugar and artificial ingredients, these are a great substitute and are so easy!  They literally take minutes to make.  Well not including freezing time.  A few of the recipes listed are a little ‘harder’ (I wouldn’t call them hard by any means, just more time consuming).  One example was alternating fruits and freezing each layer at a time to make striped popsicles but I don’t have the time or patience for that.  They do look really pretty though, so if you want a ton of good ideas, go buy the magazine.

As you saw we decided to make fresh fruit popsicles and then when I got home, I also made kiwi and watermelon.

It’s kind of hard to get good pictures of popsicles if you couldn’t tell.

For the fresh fruit pops, you just add whatever fruit you have to a popsicle mold.  We used raspberries, blueberries, chopped apricots and kiwi.  Fill it all the way to the top and then pour white grape juice into the mold and freeze for about 3 hours (you could probably use any clearish juice but I loved the white grape juice).  Then eat!  I really liked these popsicles a lot, however I think some of the fruit works better than others—think of fruits that you would want to eat frozen because it is still whole fruit.  I liked most of it, except didn’t love the frozen apricots.  Maybe oranges would be a better choice.

The next popsicle was a blended kiwi popsicle. I peeled and diced 5 kiwis and blended them in the Magic Bullet.  I actually had to add a tiny bit of water to get the kiwis moving, probably a tablespoon or less.  Then just poured into the mold and froze.  I lovedd how these turned out.  They are really refreshing and I love how it is really just eating fruit in a new way!  I made one watermelon pop too, which I obviously loved…can’t go wrong with watermelon as your main ingredient.   You could use any fruit for these…I bet mango would be really good.  The recipe actually says to boil sugar and water together and then mix with fruit, but I didn’t want to add extra sugar.

Ha, this picture makes me laugh.  I think these would be prettier in a normal popsicle mold maybe.

The hardest part of these was actually finding the popsicle molds.  My mom and I looked in every possible aisle at Meijer and could not find a single popsicle mold.  Finally, I found someone to ask and turns out we had walked by them at least three times.

Wouldn’t these be just perfect for the next hot and sunny day?  I think so.

Happy Weekend!



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3 Responses to Popsicle time!

  1. Those look fantastic!! I will have to try that out soon, it’s getting hot in California!!

  2. loooove these. so perfect for these 100 degree days.

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