Pest Control Sunday

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend!  It definitely went by way too quickly.  Last night I went to a bachelorette party for my friend Lauren who is getting married in less than two weeks!  I have known her fiance Mike since elementary school and am super excited for their wedding.  I don’t have any pictures yet because they are on Mer’s camera and she has to upload them still.  I forgot my camera last night!  Not a very good blogger but  the party was really fun and I will have a recap soon. Obviously we went to Leo’s today and I didn’t take pictures because I ate the exact same thing that I had last time.  It is usually pretty quick there but today for whatever reason the service was horrible and it took probably almost an hour to get our food.  Not good when you aren’t feeling so hot.  I needed grease immediately!

After lunch, Mer and I decided to go to Home Depot to buy rat traps.  The guy showing us the traps was trying to sell us ‘humane’ traps where the rat basically just gets stuck on the trap.  Why would anyone use those?  Then what do you do with live rats that are just stuck on a trap?  Gross, just the thought of that makes me sick.  We said no thanks and got the old fashioned kind.  We bought 12 traps so hopefully that will be enough to get the problem under control.  Our downstairs neighbors are 4 college boys and they agreed to get rid of the traps+rats after they are caught.  Thank god!  I am parking on the street for now so I am not greeted by a bunch of dead rats in the AM.

Then once we thought our pest control was done for the day, we found a bunch of moths in our carpet.  Blech, disgusting.  So it was back to Home Depot to take care of that problem.  We tore our living room apart and cleaned everywhere so hopefully that took care of it.

THEN we planted a bunch of herbs that Mer bought at the first Home Depot round.  In general, I really hate planting/gardening/outdoor work of any kind, but this was not bad since it was just putting some soil in the pots and dumping the seeds in (plus Mer did it and I took pictures).   In a few weeks we will have fresh herbs right on our back porch!  We planted lavender, rosemary, cilantro, chives, oregano and thyme.

Today turned out to be much more productive than I had intended.  I had episodes of Friday Night Lights I needed to watch!

I also wanted to do a quick training recap today.  I got a Garmin watch as an early birthday present from my parents and have been loving it!  It is really nice to know how far I am going and my pace throughout the run.  I did have an issue with it on one run last week where it took my entire run (3.5 miles) to ‘locate satellites’.  That was annoying but other than that it has been great.

Kristen and I ran 9 miles on Friday.  I was pretty scared to run 9 not gonna lie.  My hip has been bothering me a lot, even before this run.  I have been icing pretty much everyday but was nervous that it was going to act up on the run.  It went pretty well until a little over 5 miles when my hip literally gave out briefly.  Then at mile 7ish my knees started really really hurting.  I was really glad to be done not because I was even very tired or out of breathe but because of the hip, knee, shin, hip pain.   I foam rolled/stretched as soon as I got home and then alternated icing and heating on my hip.  I literally could barely walk on Friday night but I think the ice and heat really helped because it felt a lot better on Saturday.  I took Saturday and today off from running and am hoping it will not continue.

Thats how I feel about that.

My mom bought me some new running shorts in Bloomington and I wore them for the run.  They are made by Puma and are super soft and comfortable, I think the best pair of running shorts that I have!  I also really like the colorful waistband.

Also, I am doing an exciting challenge in May and my mom is going to do it too!  100 Miles in May is a challenge that Amanda at Small Home Big Start started.  She is aiming to walk, run, bike, etc 100 miles over the course of May and wants to get others to commit to doing the same!  I actually read heard about it from Lisa who is doing it and thought it sounded like fun!  I am already training for my half marathon for all of May so I don’t see it being too big of a struggle to get 100 miles in. Anyone else who wants to do it, you can email Amanda and let her know (you don’t have to have a blog to do it).  I think there is still time to sign up at least.

I also figured that since we will have a dog for 2 weeks of May, I will be getting lots of extra walks in!  Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned Loop again!  That is because we didn’t end up getting him yet.   We kept calling and calling PAWS on Thursday on our way there because we were running late and didn’t want them to leave.  Finally we got ahold of someone and she told us that Loop was sick and we couldn’t pick him up.  Good thing we called! Geez.  Anyways, now we are going to pick him up on Tuesday.

I don’t have an actual recipe today since this post is getting pretty lengthy but I did make chocolate covered strawberries on Friday!

I took a chocolate easter bunny that the easter bunny gave me and melted it.

To melt I used one pot with 2 or so inches of water and then put another smaller pot inside of that one and melted the chocolate that way.  Then I just rolled the strawberries in chocolate, sprinkled and put on parchment paper.  They hardened up in the fridge pretty quickly.  Very delicious and very easy too!

Whew, that got long…I had a lot to tell you guys!



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