Personal Pita Pizza and easy organization

This week has been a pretty lazy week in terms of cooking.  I bought these:

A bag of this:


And this:

And then wondered how I managed to walk out of Costco spending 50 dollars.  Sigh.

I have been keeping that almond butter at my desk which is a seriously dangerous thing to do with a normal jar of almond butter, let alone a jar as big as my head.

Since my meals this week have mostly been eating steak out of a bag (while standing over the sink…classy!), I decided I needed to get myself together and at least make a throw together recipe with ingredients I already had.   Sidenote: I don’t think I will buy those beef strips again…they have kind of a lot of additives and just aren’t that great.  I was really hungry when I went to Costco and therefore bought things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

For my throw together recipe, I did what any lazy person would do and made a pasta salad.  I originally was going to post the recipe but realized it is almost identical to the greek pasta salad that my mom made not too long ago except I added chicken.

Instead, I’m going to give you the ‘recipe’, though it isn’t really, for a pita pizza that I have eaten at least 10 times in the last week.  No joke, it is that good.

Personal Pita Pizza

1 pita

3 T tomato sauce

3 large slices of brie

Herbs of choice—I used thyme, basil and rosemary

All you do is take a pita, cover in tomato sauce of choice and then top with sliced brie, thyme, basil and a touch of salt.  Then either bake for 10 minutes at 350 or broil for about 2 minutes—keep a close watch if you are broiling.

These are fun because 1. They are basically the easiest excuse for a pizza that you will ever see  2.  They are so cute!  Just look at how cute they are.  Each person can have their own personal pizza…doesn’t get better than that.

I ate like 5 of the 10 on Sunday.  I wish I was kidding.

I used Ezekiel Sprouted Wheat pita to make these.  I am in love with this pita.  Seriously.  100 calories in one pita, .1 grams of fit, 4 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein.  Stats don’t get much better than that.   I found this pita at Trader Joe’s if you are wondering

For the tomato sauce, I actually used a can of whole, peeled tomatoes.  You could just use jarred tomato/pasta sauce but if you want to go the whole tomato route you have a  few options here:  A few times I actually used a whole tomato from the can and just mashed it onto the pita.  So it wasn’t really a sauce exactly, but it tasted great.  This was by far my favorite.  It does get really messy though so beware.  When I ran out of canned tomatoes, which was fairly quickly since I ate 5 right when I opened the can, I just used the leftover sauce which was fine too.   I really can’t go without eating tomatoes; clearly eating canned tomatoes and 5 pizzas is what ensues when I deprive myself of them.  Different strokes for different folks, but I love my tomatoes.

And last, I used goat’s brie which was also from Trader Joe’s.  Regular brie is obviously fine too but if you haven’t tried goat’s brie, you should!  It has a different taste, but a good one.

Finished product:

Try this.  ASAP.

Besides my insane pizza eating, I haven’t been a total waste of space this week because I did a little room organization.  My room was really bothering me for a few reasons.

1. The bookshelf looked super cluttered and messy

2. The dresser in my room was basically a piling area for random crap like mail, water bottles, jewelry, books, etc.  I have a big closet and no reason to let this area get so cluttered with stuff

3. I have to sleep with a fan on (for the noise) and usually directed right at my face as of late.  But, the fan is super ugly.  I wanted to get it out of sight for day to make my nightstand look better.  Forgot to take a before picture of this ‘before’.

Easy enough things to fix, right?

Step 1:  Reorganize bookshelf.  I got rid of a ton of papers so that my baskets were no longer overflowing.  I filled up a full bag of electronics that had moved onto another life.  I go through electronics like it is my job–there have been at least 5 cell phones and 3 or 4 cameras that died under my watch. This bag was just a few of those though.  My entire family makes fun of me and all lock their computers when I come around because they say that I do something to kill electronics.  I guess it’s true?  I don’t know what I do though!

Besides that, I moved books around, threw out a few things, relocated things and after about 15 minutes, it still has room for improvement but it looks much much better:

Step 2:  Moved my perfume tray to my closet, relocated glass containers from other areas of my room and cleared all papers and random junk off (and found other places to store instead of just throwing into drawers).  Looks much better!

Step 3:  Plugged fan into a different outlet which allows me to move it behind my curtains and out of view during the day (I am not kidding myself to think I will do this everyday, but at least I have the option).

Sorry for the low grade pics.  Just a few small things, but I think they make my room look so much better and less cluttered!  Let’s hope I stick to it!  Next up is some closet organization!

Do you guys use anything special to help you stay organized?  I would love some tips!! I get in patterns where I am really organized, then kind of let things go, then get annoyed and do it all over again.

Have a great night!


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