Happy Meat Free Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  It has been an eventful few days for me.

I totally forgot to tell you on Saturday, but Thursday night a certain someone who shall remain nameless left the gas on in our apartment for 4 hours!   So this happened Thursday night after Supper Club:

Everything ended up being a-okay though, luckily.  Then, Friday morning driving to work I was really tired and out of it and all the sudden I heard a loud crack which scared the crap out of me (I screamed really loudly) and noticed a rock had hit my windshield :( .  The crack spread immediately and by today it is over half of my windshield.  I found a company that comes to you, so they are coming tomorrow to my work to fix it.  Not a huge deal, but still annoying.

Besides those incidents, my weekend was pretty fun!  And way too short, as always.  Let’s start with Sunday and move back.  I was initially planning on going to the Pride parade on Sunday but woke up too hungover from Saturday :( .  Well, I actually still went but after about 3 seconds I realized that I wasn’t going to be okay standing outside in the sun in a mass of people, so Mer and I went to eat at The Counter.  A much better decision.

This is my second time eating at The Counter and I have to say I like it but I don’t love it.  We ordered a mixture of regular fries and sweet potato fries and I thought the regular fries were the best.  They were really thin, like shoestring fries and were seasoned perfectly.

Too bad they barely gave us any.  We finished all of them!

I also ordered a cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, sprouts, peperoncini’s and pickles.  Kind of random and really messy.  It fell apart after my first bite.

Mer got a burger with brie, onions, sprouts and tzatziki sauce.  This time and the last time I was there, I left thinking that burger was definitely good, but just nothing overly spectacular.

Great to talk about a juicy cheeseburger on Meat Free Monday, but since I didn’t actually eat it on Monday, it doesn’t count, right?

So, I debated writing about this but since I don’t want to hide anything on the blog…after this weekend and the few before it, I have decided that I need to cut way back on drinking.  I don’t want you guys to think I’m an alcoholic or anything like that but I will admit that I have a love hate relationship with drinking.  As in, I love it but my body hates it.   I don’t think drinking is talked about much on healthy living blogs, and maybe that is because most people don’t drink much.  But I definitely do and I will openly admit that I love going out with friends to bars and always have so much fun doing so.  My cousin actually nicknamed me ‘Vodka’ as it is my drink of choice (not straight, ew).   There is a reason why bars make so much money, let’s face it…drinking is fun!  I don’t think I will ever stop wanting to go out with friends and that is just naturally going to include alcohol…even when I’m 87, I don’t think that will change.

But as I felt like crap and basically in a fog all day yesterday, I wondered and not for the first time, why I had drank so much.  It’s not that I think it is bad to go out on a weekend and have a few drinks.  But, a lot of times a few turns into wayyyyyy more than a few.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that on occasion (like my birthday for example), but lately it seems that every weekend my end of the nights are blurry and maybe it is just me getting old, but the feeling like crap the next day isn’t worth it to me as much as it used to be.   I can’t drink like I am in college anymore and I really need to stop trying.

I also noticed that lately when I drink, I get angry really easily.  I have never been an angry drunk or person for that matter.  I actually tend to be a person who doesn’t get mad about things very often because I am usually able to see both my side and the other persons (a reason why I am also so indecisive).   In fact after about 2 drinks I usually have a perma-grin at all times, but for some reason lately I have been getting super emotional and most of that emotion is just being mad.   I know they say that a drunk person usually acts how they feel sober, but in my case this just isn’t true recently.  The next day I have no idea why I was even mad or why I jumped to react in ways that I did when sober I never would have reacted in that same way (or misunderstood, or whatever else).

On top of that, drinking in excess causes excruciating migraines for me.  Think 8-10 on a 10 scale (and yes I do rate  migraines in my headache log).  With regular acupuncture, my headaches have really been cut down a ton, in fact I almost never get headaches now except when I drink and then I get one almost every time.  One would wonder why I continue to do it to myself then, right?  My acupuncturist actually gave me these teeny tiny needles that look just like a really small band-aid to wear on my feet when I go out to hopefully prevent my migraines from coming on.  I am very appreciative but told her she was being a bit of an enabler :) .

See the tiny tiny needle sticking up off the band-aid?


I tried them for the first time on Saturday and they weren’t the miracle cure I was hoping for, but I think they most definitely helped.  Yes my feet are ugly.  No, my toenail isn’t dirty, it’s bruised underneath…I think my toenail is going to fall off eventually :(.  If my brother was reading this, he is now most definitely passed out.

On top of everything else, I think a big part of what drove me to this decision is the fact that I eat such crappy food when I’m hungover and also a lot of times when I get home at night too.  Eating bad food isn’t the problem– I don’t think that is such a big deal–I’m okay eating whatever I want now and then, so why not use these times to do it.  But, recently I have had quite a bit of success with figuring out the foods I should be avoiding and which foods my stomach absolutely hates (for another post).  When I’m hungover, knowing the foods I should avoid and actually avoiding them are two different stories.  I usually feel sick enough to say ‘f it’ and eat whatever I want.  This ends up making me feel even more sick (duh), instead of better.

Moral of the story if you just scrolled through all that mumbo jumbo:  Drinking too much leaves me with a migraine and stomach ache and with me mad at people for no reason and then in turn having them mad at me.    I’m definitely not going to stop drinking or going out, just going to make attempts to watch myself and cutback.

I really am getting wise in my 26 years.  Smarter people probably would have made the decision at the onset of the first migraine… those suckers are painful.    Anyways, I don’t want to go on and on about it ,but I think for now it is a good decision for me and saying it here will hold me accountable for it.  After reading this my parents are probably driving here to check me into rehab anyways so I won’t have much of a chance to drink!

Now, I bet you guys are dying to hear about the workout that I alluded to on Saturday.

Well, Alex and I went to a workout in Millennium Park!  Millennium Park offers free workouts  every Saturday all summer long!  They have yoga from 8-9, Pilates from 9-10 and Zumba from 10-11.   For yoga and Pilates they have a live band and they have music over loud speakers for Zumba.  I think it is such a cool idea!  We went to Pilates and Zumba.

This was actually my first pilates ‘class’ if you can call it that.  I liked it but I didn’t love it. I know my mom loves pilates but she also uses a reformer (I think?) and doesn’t do mat pilates.  It was fun and all, but it just seemed like I wasn’t that tired after or out of breath much throughout the class.  I was sweating but that’s because it was in the sun and my casper self ended up getting super burnt too!   I thought the class just felt like stretching really more than anything else.  I have heard people say that pilates feels easy when you do it but then the next day you are really sore but I can’t say that I ever felt that sore from it.   I was sort of bummed.

I was really excited for Zumba and even more excited because Alex always hears me obsess about how fun Zumba is, so I was happy she would be able to try it too.   I saw that the stage was pretty small and low, I didn’t really know how it was going to work since in Zumba they don’t tell you what to do, but it is more of a monkey see, monkey do exercise.  Turns out they had 5 instructors up on the stage, and they switched off as to which was the leader each song.  I liked some of the instructors more than others, so the fun-ness level depended on who was leading.   I thought that I would love doing  Zumba in such a huge group setting, but I actually felt less into it because I was so far away from the instructors and since the stage was low, it was hard to see what they were doing.   By the end, I was kind of just doing the motions but not trying at all. If we go again, I definitely want to try and get really close to the stage where it seemed to have a much higher energy level and better view.

Verdict?  As much as the workouts were not the best I have ever done, it still was awesome to be working out in a huge group setting with people of all shapes and sizes and outside!! It was a beautiful, sunny morning and it was fun just to be outside doing a group exercise.  It was something different that I really enjoyed.  For anyone in the Chicago area, I would recommend going not because I think it is the most intense workout you will ever have, but more for a different workout experience.

Plus if nothing else, you can stop at the Bean after and take awkward photos of yourself:

The last one is the best…and most awkward.

Questions of the day:

Have you guys had any experience with Pilates, should I give it another try?

Do you have a vice…whether it is alcohol or something else? 


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