Out of Commission and a quickie workout

Hello!  Today was back to the daily grind at work.  I had kind of a hard time getting out of vacation mode but I managed to be more productive in the afternoon than I was in the morning.   Traffic was not bad today, fingers crossed that a lot of people are on vacation this week and it will keep up the same way!

I know I talked about it a lot while training for the half marathon, but I had been having a lot of hip pain and heel pain too throughout the entire time I trained.  As someone who has run pretty consistently (at least 3 days a week) for over 10 years, it came as kind of a shock to me that these two new ‘injuries’ would crop up seemingly out of nowhere.  I have always struggled with shin splints and minor knee pains, so I expected both of those, but really didn’t think that I would encounter any other issues, and especially not so soon.  It was really frustrating since I felt like I had to run during training.

After the half was over, I felt less obligated to run and since I was running less distance wise, I figured I would bounce back pretty easily and the pain would go away with no issues.  However, even days I don’t run, I sometimes do run.  That makes sense, right?  What I mean is, even if I am not scheduled for a run, if I am early for a class at the gym, I will often run in the 10 or 20 minutes leading up to class—which adds up to a mile or two of unexpected running on top of the days I do run.  I still have been running—even a few days after the half, without really giving myself a break from it.

The reason being is that I like running (for the most part).  I feel like I get a better cardio workout from running than anything else.  I hate the elliptical, I hate Stairmasters and I would rather run than do any other form of cardio.  But, once I cut down on mileage (a lot!!) and the pain wasn’t going away, I decided it was time to go see a doctor.

I went to a podiatrist who specializes in helping runners and dancers with foot/leg problems.  I figured this would kill both injuries with one stone.  She was super nice, very thorough and I liked her a lot.  She asked if I had used any inserts (orthotics) and I told her that I had bought a pair of Super Feet when I originally bought my new shoes.

Long story short, she told me that she thinks the combination of coming from too old shoes with very little support to all the sudden wearing new shoes + super feet and at the same time increasing my mileage by quite a bit probably threw my stride off too much and caused the hip problem.  I also found out that I have plantar fascitis which is pretty common in runners but basically is inflammation of muscle in the foot that connects the heel to the ball of the foot.

So, because of both of these things she recommended that I not run for 3-4 weeks.  I know that sounds minor, and it is, but I am really struggling with actually forcing myself to not run.  As soon as I got that diagnosis from her, I went up north and proceeded to run 5 days in a row.  Oops!  I love the running path up north and couldn’t bear to not run it, so I figured I would run over the weekend and then stop for the recommended amount of time.

I also have not been good about icing or stretching as of late.  My three week plan for now is to not run, do plenty of stretching and try not to wear flip-flops/flats quite as much.   Oh and use this:

I guess me and the elliptical are going to become BFF’s.

I think the reason I am most upset is that I don’t want to lose all of the work I did to get ready for the half marathon.   If you run, you probably know that you lose the ability to run distance or a certain time pretty quickly when you stop running.  I know it is only 3 weeks, but I almost feel like I’m going to be starting from scratch.  But I do know that it is important to take the time to let my muscles heal so that I don’t get more injured in the future.  Moral of the story is do not ignore injuries no matter how small they seem.  Better to know what is going on than ignore it and push forward.

OK, pity party is over.  At least for now.

On that note, I thought I would give you guys a simple weight routine that my mom and I did over the weekend.  With all the BBQ’s and holiday food, sometimes it is nice to have a quick and easy workout that combines weight and cardio and burns a lot of calories too!   This is a circuit, so what I like most about it is it is very adaptable to how much time you have.  If you have 15 minutes, do it once, if you have 45, do it 3 times through!  It is up to you.  You could also combine it with additional cardio too.  If you do it 3 times through you probably won’t need (want) to.

Crazy Circuit Workout

5 minutes cardio warm up (elliptical in my case, but the option is up to you)

30 lunges with weights (15 each leg)

30 step-ups with weights (15 each leg)

30 push-ups (feel free to do girl pushups)

1 minute jump rope or mountain climbers

20 jump squats

40 standing leg lifts with body bar (20 each leg–hold a body bar in hand with the end on outside of foot), lift foot to side as high as you can, lower to hover above ground, then repeat

20 push-ups

1 minute jump rope or mountain climbers

1 minute of laying arm lifts (lay face down on ground and hold a body bar across back in both hands, keeping legs, torso, head on ground, lift body bar at least a few inches, then return to start).  These are HARD, so repeat as many times as you can, rest for a few seconds if needed, but keep repeating for 1 minute.  I used a 12 pound body bar

Step 1

Step 2

*Don’t make fun of me in step 2, someone took so long taking the picture that I could barely hold the bar up.

5 minutes of treadmill sprints (30 on, 45 off)

1 minute jump rope/mountain climbers

30 tricep dips on bench

30 tricep pull down

1 minute forearm plank

1 minute bicycles

1 minute straight arm plank

30 (15 each side) twisting side plank

Then REPEAT.  Or not.

More weekend recipes will be coming at you tomorrow.


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