Olive Lemon Chicken and a playlist!

Hi guys, sorry for the late post!  I hit publish last night and then my internet went out!  I still haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong so I had to wait until this morning to actually publish.
So, I have song A.D.D when I run.  Not only do I have to listen to music, but I also really can’t listen to the same song for more than a minute or so without getting bored (with a few exceptions).  Because of this, I am constantly looking for new songs and new playlists for running.  I thought I would share my current playlist with you in case you are in need of an update.  I use this one for running, no particular variation in speed or anything based on songs, just a random collection (and I do mean random).  Not all the songs are new, but they are all good tempo wise for running.
1. Yeah 3X by Chris Brown
2. Who Dat Girl by  Flo Rida feat. Akon
3. Loca by Shakira
4. ET by Katy Perry feat. Kanye
5. Bottoms up by Trey Songz feat Nicki Minaj
6.  Don’t you want me from Glee
7. Beautiful remix Akon feat Colby O’Donis
8. Rolling in the Deep by Adele
9. Born this way by Lady Gaga
10. Higher by Taio Cruz feat Travie McCoy
11. More by Usher
12. Fly by Nicki Minaj feat Rihanna
13. Do you wanna touch me from Glee (Gwyneth Paltrow)
14. We no speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool
Hope at least a few of these are new and can be added to your playlist!  Do you guys know any good ones I am missing?
I also have another chicken recipe!  2 meat recipes in a row is very unlike me.  This dish was awesome though, I suggest you make it asap.  I think this might be the best chicken dish that I have ever made.   I originally had in mind that I wanted to make a flour coated chicken dish and possibly pound the chicken and fry.  I also wanted to use some sort of lemon/citrus, so I thought something with lemon and capers/olives would be good.   I searched for ‘Lemon Olive Chicken’ on Epicurious and came up with a great recipe.  I made some variations to the recipe, nothing major though.
Here is my version of Lemon Olive Chicken adapted from Epicurious (originally Bon Appetit)
4 skinless boneless chicken breasts
4 or so T flour- I used all purpose
1-2 Lemons, sliced and roasted
1 onion, sliced and roasted
3-4 T olives and capers mixture (or use 2 T each)
1 cup chicken broth
4 T olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dust the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and let sit while you prepare the lemons and onions (preparing being cut them).   I just covered both with cooking spray–no oil.  Roast these in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350, until they start to brown.
In the meantime, heat oil in a pan over medium heat.  Dredge the chicken in flour until it is completely covered and place in pan, flipping after a couple minutes to cook both sides.  I didn’t end up flattening the chicken (yes, that is the technical term), but if the pieces you have are really thick you might want to pound them down a bit so they cook all the way through a little more easily.  After the chicken cooks for a few minutes on each side, add the olives and capers.  I also added a little bit of the olive liquid to the pan for a little more flavor, and because at this point my pan was drying up a bit.  Add the chicken broth and let the mixture come to a boil, flipping chicken after 2-3 minutes.
I also added the lemons and onion soon after I added the broth so that the chicken had plenty of time to take on some lemon flavor.  The mixture goes from watery to a thick sauce consistency fairly quickly so keep an eye on it.  Once the mixture is thick and sauce like, turn heat off and add salt/pepper if you would like as well as the fresh parsley.  I also added a pinch of lavender at the end.  Serve over a bed of sauteed spinach.  If you want to include a carb, I think this would taste good with a light pasta or even some polenta (or for you rice people, maybe rice, but I can’t vouch for that since I don’t like it).
If you are looking for a new chicken dish to try, I highly recommend this one.  The chicken was super tender and the roasting of the lemon in combination with the olives and capers really gave it a unique flavor.  I will be making this one again soon!
On another note…a TV show pilot is filming in the parking lot at my work!  I guess it is a pilot for Playboy, which if you hadn’t figured out, is a show based on Hugh Hefner’s life.  When I pulled up yesterday morning, I saw all the trailors and assumed they were making some random commercial or something.  I don’t know why they picked this super random location in the burbs, but obviously I’m bringing a bunny costume to work tomorrow to try to get a part in this thing!  Kidding, Kidding.  It was seriously the talk of my office all day.  I guess we don’t have very exciting things going on around here!


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  1. Heather

    fun playlist – I’ll be trying it! The chicken sounds good too :)

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