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Hi Friends,

Happy Tuesday and Happy first day of summer!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and Father’s Day.   I don’t know if I ever mentioned this on the blog, but I went to NYC for the weekend and just got back last night.  My friend Lindsey just moved there recently and we hadn’t been to visit her yet so we were trying to figure out a weekend to go and decided that a birthday weekend would be as good as any!

Alex and I headed out to Midway on Friday night only to find that our flight was delayed.   They originally pushed it to 9 (from 6:45) but then pushed it back up to 8, so it wasn’t too bad.  I passed out about 10 minutes into the flight and Alex said I didn’t do anything too embarrassing like drool or do the head nod thing too many times (you know when you sleep on a plane and your head drops a bunch and then you finally wake up and look around hoping that no one noticed).

When we got to Lindsey’s super cute apartment, she had these waiting:

Aren’t they awesome?  They were red velvet and really delicious.  We originally were planning on going out Friday night but since we got in even later than planned we just drank some wine, ate some cupcakes and chatted.

Saturday morning we went for a run/walk in Central Park.  We covered the whole 6 mile loop and ended up running for most of it with a few walking breaks.  I had been in Central Park before but only briefly, and now wish that I lived right next to Central Park too!  It is so pretty, with so much going on!  I would run there everyday!  OK, probably not everyday, but you never know.

We went to a deli called Lenny’s for lunch where I got a salad with tuna, beets, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, cucs, avocadoes.  It was beyond delicious.  I have been making all of my salads with tuna lately.  I wonder if eating tuna 5 days in a row is going to give me mercury poisoning?  Hopefully not.

Here is a salad I made at home on Friday before I left:

Roasted sweet potatoes, 1 can of tuna, peas, carrots, olives and garlic hummus.  I know, I eat strange stuff sometimes.  But, tuna goes with everything, I swear.  Try it!!

Back to NY….after lunch we hit up Canal St for a little shopping and found some jewels and Ray-Ban’s…all real of course.   These are the ‘friendship’ bracelets we all picked up:

We ordered in sushi on Saturday night, which went undocumented.   Sorry, I was just too hungry and had to eat it really quickly.  But I ordered a spicy tuna roll and avocado/eel roll both with brown rice + seaweed salad.

My friend Natalie (and roommate from college) who also lives in NY headed over on Saturday night so she could join in the festivities for the rest of the weekend.  We got ready and headed out to Imperial No 9 in the Mondrian hotel where Lindsey had gotten us a table.  This place was sooo cool with huge chandeliers and glass everywhere.  I tried to take a picture, but it turned out way too dark, but here is a good one I found online:


We drank some champagne and hung out for awhile and then went to GoldBar.  One of Lindsey’s friends had a table there which basically meant that we could act like ballers.   Otherwise we probably would have been begging for drinks anyways and embarrassing him so it was for the best.  The night was a lot of fun and we ended it around 4 with us eating an entire box of pizza.   Oh wait, that was just Alex and I that ate the entire box.  Everyone else was already passed out.  Darn.

Here is a pic of the interior of Goldbar:


Sunday morning at 1:30 when we woke up, we went to a brunch place called the Sunburnt Calf which is an Australian bar with an unlimited brunch (not food–just all you can drink for 2 hours).  I had an aussie burger….of course!  This one was a typical aussie burger but also had an egg.  I usually don’t include eggs when I make my own but it was really good!  I also had a few bloody mary’s and a few greyhounds.  We went all over the place Sunday– to another bar on a boat (forget the name), a street fest, and then out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  The day was superrrr fun and before we knew it it was late and time to go to bed.  My camera was almost dead so I didn’t take any pictures on Sunday :(.

Monday, Lindsey and Natalie had to work, so Alex and I decided to be tourists and went to St Patrick’s cathedral, Rockefeller Center and Forever 21 (what, don’t all tourists go there?).   Then we tried to go to the MET but they wouldn’t let us in because NY museums aren’t open to the public on Mondays (obviously we didn’t know that, hellooo we are tourists).  We were pretty disappointed but just another reason to visit again!



It was such a fun girls weekend!  I feel like we were laughing about one stupid thing or another for about 90% of the total time.  I enjoyed every minute of it and had such an amazing, awesome and fun birthday.  Thanks Linds/Al/Nat for making it so great!

Already planning our next trip :) , any ideas for things we missed??



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8 Responses to NYC Recap

  1. Mer

    I’m so glad you girls had such a good time and a great bday trip!!!

  2. melinda mclellan

    katie…i LOVE reading your posts…makes one feel like they were there! of course you girls would want your mom’s there! now there is an idea…..

  3. natalie

    frying pan is the bar on the boat :) Had a blast with you girls toooo, can’t wait to repeat in chi-town in August!!!! xoxoxo

  4. Ashley

    Sounds like you girls had a great weekend!! Wish I could of made it there to see ya’ll!!!

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