November Supper Club- Vapiano Review

Hello!  Almost the weekend!  Thank God.  This has been the first five day week I have worked in awhile and it has been rough.  Did anyone else have a super long week?

Last night, on the last night of November, we finally had supper club!  It has been a pretty busy month for everyone and the 30th was the only time we all were available.

Originally, we were going to do a Thanksgiving theme for the month, but since the date was scheduled for after Thanksgiving, we were all pretty turkey’d out.  Instead we decided to go out for dinner, which was a great idea

We decided on Vapiano which is a unique restaurant featuring Italian.  Vapiano has locations all over the world and all restaurants have a really cool and unique atmosphere.  The concept for the restaurant is really different–you get a card when you walk in and you can go to different ‘stations’ (pizza, pasta, salad, bar) and order whatever you like.  You charge the card at each station and pay as you leave.  This makes it convenient if you go in a larger group, and also when you want to order from multiple stations.  Since we had 6 girls, it was nice to be able to all pay on our own instead of trying to figure out who had what, or make a server split the check between 6 cards.

I actually wasn’t really in the mood for Italian yesterday because I had eaten both pizza and pasta in the previous week.  But, who am I kidding, I can pretty much always eat pizza, so I ordered the Verdure pizza which was sauce, cheese, roasted vegetables and mushrooms.   I also got a side salad.

All of the stations are really open, so you can see your food being made (fresh to order!).  My pizza was made in a matter of minutes and was really delicious.  I had the side salad with ranch which was also really good.   I always appreciate when restaurants have good ranch (very important) and Vapiano does.   I also tried a bite of pasta and while I normally don’t love pasta (true story), it was really tasty- rich without being overly sit-in-your-stomach rich.

The decor of the restaurant area and bar area are really nice–it was pretty crowded when we were there, but the restaurant is huge, so it didn’t feel like we were in other people’s space–I hate at restaurants when you have to sit so close to another table that you can hear their conversation better than your own.

Each table also had fresh planted herbs to use on food.  I’m mad because I totally forgot to use them!  Fresh herbs make everything taste better, don’t you think?

Beyond the taste, the prices are very reasonable.  My pizza was something like 10 dollars and the salad was 3.  I also had a glass of pinot grigio that was only 4 dollars!  Can’t really beat that at a restaurant.

All in all it was a great dinner and provided a fabulous atmosphere for our monthly supper club!   I definitely will be returning to try more off of the menu.




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