My favorite things-Trader Joe’s edition

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I recently have been kinda lazy in the kitchen and haven’t been doing a ton of cooking.   When I was debating what to write about for this post, I thought about cooking something, but I didn’t really want it to be some uninspired recipe that I threw together for the sake of a post.  Instead, I decided to compile a list of my absolute favorite things from Trader Joe’s.  I decided to do this because I realized that I have been to Trader Joe’s on 3 separate occasions in the past week.   I am really lucky to live only 2 short blocks away and can visit whenever I need something!  Which is lucky considering I forget to buy something almost everytime too.

I honestly don’t think that I have met a single person who is not a Trader Joe’s fan.  Cheap, fresh, real ingredients, some unique and ‘out there’ foods, really good pre-made foods, what’s not to love?

Just as I forget to buy something every time I go, I will undoubtedly forget something on this list but here goes!

Trader Joe’s Favorites:


*Regular and Whole wheat pizza dough (cheap and easy)

*Trader Joe’s brand Mini Pitas

*Brown Rice Bread—needs to be frozen

*Millet Bread—good stats but falls apart really easily.  Also should be frozen

*Muffins—awesome fiber filled breakfast

*Ezekiel bread– any kind

*Corn Bread Mix

*CRUMPETS!  Anywhere that sells crumpets basically wins.  I need to start buying these more

Dips, sauces, etc

*Pretty much any TJ’s dressing—the ones I have tried (and loved) are: feta, goddess, champagne vinagrette .  Has anyone tried the hummus dressing, I think it’s new?

*Curry sauce—I have tried green and yellow and love both!

*Corn  and chile salsa—used to be one of my fav’s

*Salsa Verde is great on it’s own or in recipes

*Hummus—I really dislike the spicy hummus, but every other kind that I have tried is great.  I really like the horseradish hummus

*Tzatziki sauce

PB and Jelly

*Sunflower Butter

*Almond butter with flax seed

*Mango butter


*Nuts-almonds, sunflower seeds, etc.  Can be unsalted or salted for most

*Cinammon almonds-I can’t even buy these anymore because I have no self control around them

*Trail mixes-pretty much all of them

*Pumpernickel pretzels

*Snapea crisps! Usually eat the bag in one sitting

*Dried salted green beans

*Seaweed snacks

 *Sweet Potato Chips

*Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies for people…have only tried Ginger but they all look good!  You also get a ton for not a lot of calories

 *Trader Joe’s Vanilla Wafers

*Trader Joe’s mini chocolate chip cookies—everyone knows mini foods don’t count

*Chocolate covered cherries

*Chocolate covered pretzels

*Peanut butter filled pretzels

*Thousand layer crackers (do they still sell these? I miss them)

*Savory mini crackers

*Rice crackers


*Two Buck Chuck

*Sparkling almond wine (my fav ever and only 5 dollars!)


*Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal


*Unsweetened Vanilla Almond

*TJ’s brand jasmine green tea—I drink it every morning!

 *Tejava bottled iced tea

*Sparkling water—original and flavored are only 79 cents!

Dairy, meat, other refrigerated stuff


*TJ’s Greek Yogurt

*Goat brie

*Frying cheese

*Greek style feta

*Ton’s of other kinds of cheese that look delicious but I have never bought—probably can’t go wrong here

*Nitrate free bacon!  I haven’t tried it yet but my mom told me about it.  This is great for me since I can’t eat nitrates due to migraines

*Lobster Bisque—do they still have this? I used to be obsessed with it but I haven’t seen it in awhile


*Trader Joe’s brand veggie masala burgers

*Dr. Praegers veggie burgers

*Mini beef tacos

*frozen herbs (frozen into squares) are convenient and taste like fresh!

*Chicken chili verde burritos

*Meatless Meatballs (one my all time favorites)—regular mini meatballs are good too

*Edamame—shelled and unshelled

*Frozen fruit—lots of varieties!

*Fish—really good prices and very ‘fresh’ if that makes sense

*Other seafood—like calamari and scallops or the seafood blend

*Crab cakes

*French onion dip

*Flatbread pizzas (all are good!)

*Artichoke hearts—so cheap for artichokes

*Frozen grilled vegetables—a little saucy but good

*Naan bread

*Mini ice cream cones

*Mint mini ice cream sandwiches

Canned, etc

*Madras lentil and punjab eggplant  (to go with your naan!)


*Lots of cheap canned goods (tomato sauce, beans, etc) + organic is not much more expensive than non organic

*Refried spicy black beans

*Green curry tuna (in picture above) 

*Jarred artichoke hearts

*Jarred roasted red peppers

*Canned yellow fin tuna—better than other’s, not sure why

*Canned baby shrimpies

*Soyaki marinade


*Sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder  –this is new, and awesome

 *Yellow cake mix—good ingredient list for a boxed mix

*Honey (doesn’t taste any different but it is a really good price for ‘real honey’ aka no hfcs added)

*Almond meal

*Peanut flour (tear.  Please bring this back TJ’s!!)

 I kept wanting to add more and more to this list because everything at Trader Joe’s is amazing!  With the exception of a few things.  But, obviously I can’t list everything and it wouldn’t be helpful if I did.  Hopefully you can try a new thing or two next time you go!  

Please please tell me, what am I missing out on at Trader Joe’s?  What are some of your favorites that I have to try??


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4 Responses to My favorite things-Trader Joe’s edition

  1. Brianna Parris

    Lentil Chips (in the chip aisle)
    Caramelized nut trio
    Roasted chicken breast deli meat (don’t remember the brand)
    Roasted red pepper soup
    The TJ gummy bears
    And yes, the corn salsa is the whoop!!

  2. Already cooked & seasoned lentils in the refrigerated section. We have these with a box of TJ’s orzo/rice pilaf, a jar of roasted red & yellow peppers and TJ’s feta dressing drizzled over. A little Frank’s red hot sauce or tabasco on top. Super easy, healthy dinner.

  3. amlyreze

    I agree Trader Joe’s salad dressings are amazing not to mention I’ve managed to find quite a few there without soy bean oil which are the only ones I will use on a daily basis since I eat salads a lot and most grocery store dressings these days contain soy bean oil minus a few I’ve found at the store, but I can get sick of dressing sometimes so I was glad to have found more options. Have to say though the hummus dressing you mentioned is probably the worst salad dressing I’ve ever had. It was to thick, tasted like dog food, and the texture was gritty. I bought it with high hopes, but it was very disappointing. Aside from that I love every soy free dressing I’ve tried there so far especially their Champagne Pear Vinaigrette and Ranch. I usually don’t like store bought Ranch even, but there’s is delicious.

    I love cheese! Glad to hear you like the Goat Brie I’ve been wanting to try that and the Goat Gouda, but couldn’t decide between the two so next time I’m in there I’ll have to pick some up the Brie to try. My favorite cheese so far has been their Toscano Cheese with Cinnamon which I’ve bought 3 or 4 times now and am still not tired of it surprisingly. It’s right in between a White Cheddar and a Parmesan. The overall texture of the cheese is very smooth, creamy, and very rich in flavor throughout. I usually just eat a small slice plain as a snack it’s so good! Also tastes good with an apple or a pear I prefer apples with it though. Only thing is I’m not sure how well it melts, but I’ve been wanting to put it in Chicken Walnut Quesadillas.

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