Mid week frustrations and NOFU salad


Happy Tuesday!  Not.  This week is draggingggg already.  As I might have mentioned, I started a new job a few months ago (well more than a few I guess, in December) and while I do normally love it,  the past few weeks (and next few) have/will be a bit of a struggle because I am working on one longggg project where I basically do the same exact thing every day.  Do you guys have any motivation tips for work that help you?

I also am really frustrated with how much my hip hurts and is preventing me from training.  I ran only 1 mile yesterday after taking 2 days off + I did my usual strength class and woke up throughout the night a few times because I was sleeping on my (now) bad hip.   It is frustrating because I feel like my mileage really isn’t high enough yet to have these sorts of problems.   All that being said, I decided to run my 10 miler today because Kristen was going today and it is really the only day I have open for the rest of the week.  Was it the smartest decision?  No, not really but I really hate doing long runs alone because I get so bored.  And I figured, if I’m going to be in pain, I might as well knock my long run out before I’m out of commission.  Yeah I’m not really sure if the reasoning was so solid on that one.  The run was freezing and super windy.  Like the kind of wind where you can barely move against it.  It was a tough middle 6-ish miles out of the 10 but Kristen and I played a few games to get through it.  We played the ‘categories’ section of Kings (name types of cereal, beer, makeup brand, restaurants/bars in Ann Arbor, etc).  It actually helped a lot so that I didn’t focus on the wind and pain in my legs.

On the run, I ate my first ‘gel’ today, a Honey Stinger and it was delicious!  Just like eating straight honey which I’m always all for.

I also wore some new compression sleeves made by Zensah.   I love them!!  While my hip, legs, feet were painin away for most of the run, my shins felt great and I think much of that is due to these sleeves.  If you have shin pain (which I almost always get shin splints when I run a lot), I would totally recommend giving these a try.

I’m alternating ice and heat as I type this and it seems to be helping quite a bit.  I’ll get back to you later in the week on that though.

I do have an awesome recipe to share though.   It is made with tofu, but before you tofu haters stop reading, let me tell you that if you tried this recipe and didn’t know it was made with tofu, you would have no idea.   It is an egg-less egg salad which I got the idea for after trying a similar one in Bloomington.  My mom and I bought some fresh turmeric while we were there so it seemed like the perfect time to give it a try (turmeric is what gives it a yellow color without the egg yolk).   I named it nofu salad because I texted my dad and asked for a good name (he is much more creative than me) and he texted me ‘nofu because no one likes tofu’.   So I just decided to stick with that even though it is NOT true.

NOFU salad:

1 container tofu- firm or extra firm and pressed/drained

2 T light mayo or you could use vegannaise to make this vegan

2 t dijon mustard

1/2 cup celery, chopped

1/2 cup onion, chopped

2 t grated turmeric (or 1 t if you use dried)

1/4 t garlic powder

1/4 t onion powder

Black pepper to taste

1 t dill if you like dill and/or relish

To make the tofu look egg-like, just crumble it instead of cutting it (after pressing).   Combine with all other ingredients.  You can serve it right away but I think it tastes better after it sits for awhile.  I refrigerated for about an hour after making it.  This was my first time using fresh turmeric.  The turmeric itself is actually orange and at first the salad wasn’t yellow, it was only after letting it sit for awhile that it turned yellow.

I think that this recipe tastes pretty authentic but it takes a little experimentation to get it how you like it.  For example, I love dill in egg salad so I added extra but I know some people cannot stand the taste of dill.

After first making the nofu salad, I ate it in a salad but today I had it on a sandwich. I put nofu salad on half and feta on the other half.  Covered outsides of bread with butter and grilled until toasty brown (ok a little black, but it still tasted good)

If you are thinking about trying tofu or had it once and couldn’t decide what you thought, I really think this recipe could be the one that converts you to a tofu lover or at least liker.  My mom doesn’t like tofu but tried the nofu salad and said it was really good.

On another note, remember how we were supposed to go pick up Loop today?  Well that has been another source of frustration over the past few days! After no joke 20 emails back and forth and actually setting up a time to pick him up, they all the sudden told us that Loop wasn’t available (last week he was sick).   She said she had just found out but I find that a little hard to believe.  Then, when I said that we would foster another dog of similar breed, she asked if we wanted a chihuahua!

I”m a little unsure how a lab mix is similar to a chihuahua in any way.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Anyways,  long story short, we aren’t sure if they are going to have another dog that meets our my specifications.  Mer would totally be willing to take the chihuahua I think, but I am a little more discriminating towards dogs than she is.  Especially those in need.   Kidding about that part, I only said that because I do realize that I sound kinda mean when I say I don’t want a specific breed of dog since they are all in need of a foster home.  It’s not that I don’t think all the dogs deserve help, it’s just that I am not very fond of small dogs (in general, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule–Hi Charlie!!).  But if I am going to put in the work to foster a dog, which is quite a bit of work, especially considering that we don’t have a yard of any sort, I would rather have a dog that I really like and want to have vs. one that is small and barks a lot.

Hopefully I didn’t offend any of you small dog lovers, that is just my stance on it.   If you do live in the Chicago area and you are interested in fostering a dog for a few short weeks,  especially a small one (they seem to have an influx of those),  it helps them out a ton and gives you a chance to have a dog just for the short term!  If you want more info, you can visit the PAWS website and sign up for their foster program there.  You get weekly emails with dog pictures so you can totally judge a book by its cover like I do!  But in all seriousness, it is a great cause, PAWS is a no kill shelter and they really do need a lot of help with volunteers, so consider it if you are able!  Also, the last time we fostered, we didn’t have any issues with getting the dog figured out or picking him up, etc, so I think this time was just weird.

We still don’t know the verdict on if we will get a dog or not, but fingers crossed that we will.  I won’t discuss it again until we actually have a dog in our apartment.

And one more thing…promise this is the last.  My mom and I had a very official blog meeting yesterday and were discussing the possibility of doing more themed days (similar to how we do vegetarian posts for Meat Free Monday now).   We were thinking of starting by incorporating ‘Fat Tuesday’.   Since most of the recipes we post are pretty healthy, we thought it might be fun to do once a week with meals that are still healthy but are more along the lines of something that you wouldn’t make everyday–more decadent recipes.  Or some weeks we might do a makeover of a less healthy food, etc.  I already have a few ideas a’brewin in my head.  Would you guys be interested in that?  If you have any ideas for other things that you want to see us post/talk about or just see more of don’t hesitate to comment or email us at peasinablog@gmail.com.

See you Thursday!



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2 Responses to Mid week frustrations and NOFU salad

  1. Kristen

    My knees are painin! Great run today, but mostly great games :)

  2. Lindsey

    Thanks for the Charlie shout-out :)

    Love reading your blog! I’ve become an avid fan. I’m trying to adapt to your lifestyle and have made it a personal goal to run three days a week in central park (I even made a chart)! I live vicariously through your cooking and have decided if I cook one day a night instead of order, I’m good….. KEEP MY LIFE GOALS COMING!! xoxo

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