Labor Day in Harbor

Hello! Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I am posting yet again because my mom is a slacker…just kidding, I offered to post today since I am driving home tomorrow but just realized that she is too! Oops. Well my drive is a few hours longer anyways.

Since we last saw you on Saturday we have done quite a bit! Saturday night we went to the clubhouse for dinner (another time here). I had my fav Warwick salad which went unpictured and then decided to kind of make my own meal–which is one of the perks of going to the clubhouse.  My brother used to be is an incredibly picky eater (are we related?!) and used to order a plate full of mashed potatoes as his meal every time we went. I saw scallops as a new addition to the menu and was super excited but wasn’t feeling the stuff it came with. So I swapped out all of the sides for a stuffed tomato (my absolute favorite thing ever) and some mashed sweet potatoes too.  

My mom ordered the perch–which was my second choice and my dad and MB both had the planked whitefish–which is what I order almost every time we go–really good but I was trying to branch out. 


Not very good pics because it was dark by the time we ate, but all in all a great meal!

Sunday morning we had something I have been wanting to have for a really long time–grilled pizza!  I have heard great things about grilled pizza and finally able to try it!  Recipe to come in the next day or two–definitely a keeper!

Sunday afternoon I laid out at the pool while my parents and MB drove up to the UP (upper peninsula).  Took a pass on that one even though it sounded like such a great time–oh wait no.  When I got to the pool it was a little chilly and I was the only one there besides a few kids and their parents who were dressed in pants and sweatshirts.  I was always that kid growing up who wanted to go to the pool regardless of the weather.   It was intermittent sun and clouds when I got there–when the sun was out it was pretty warm and when the clouds came it was colddd. 

Luckily, after about 40 minutes the sky cleared and I enjoyed just sun for about 2 and half hours.  The only bad thing about cooler weather is you don’t really realize that you are getting color–and I ended up getting pretty burnt.

Sunday night, we had a lasgna that MB brought up that was soooo good.  I had a huge slice + salad (with goldfish on top) and a slice and a half of texas toast + 1 more small piece of lasagna.  Yum! 


This morning started bright and early at 5:15 AM because we got up to do the Mackinac Labor Day bridge walk.  The walk starts from the upper peninsula side of the Mackinac bridge and you walk back to the other side which is about 4.5 miles (although they advertise it as being 5).  It was COLD this morning!  48 degrees when we got in the car–summer where are you?  I wore a tank top, t shirt, long sleeve shirt and 2 coats and was still freezing.  There isn’t one start time, people can just start when they get there and up to 75,000 people attend!  I didn’t realize it was such a big event. 

It was definitely a fun experience-I also didn’t realize the bridge shakes so much when you walk across it.  It was hard to keep my balance at some points!  There were a ton of people that were really slow walkers for various reasons so we spent the majority of the walk veering in and out of crowds.  Once we got going it wasn’t too cold and was definitely a fun experience.   It was also some great people watching–I saw some very..interesting outfits today.  We got certificates when we finished which I thought was kind of funny–some people were taking photos with their certificates like they had just finished a marathon.  But hey, whatever works I guess.  I also had to make fun of my dad for sporting this Jansport backpack–the pic is on my camera which I don’t have the cord for but I told him 1993 called and wants it backpack back.  Pretty sure I had a similar one in middle school–which I used with only one strap obviously.

We had plans to go to Mackinac Island after since we were already in Mackinac city but decided it was just too cold of a day since it would have been even colder on the island.  I was looking forward to going but I think the island is much more enjoyable in warm weather–the trip will have to wait until next year.

Since we decided no to Mackinac we had the whole day!  We ran a few errands, ate lunch and I caught up on a project I have been meaning to work on for weeks.  Getting up so early threw us off a bit timing wise so my mom made us a great hor d ouerve to hold us over until dinner.

Mushroom and Mozz and flower Baguette inspired by American Spoon Cafe

4 oz shiitake mushrooms

2 t butter

1 clove garlic

1/2 french baguette

3 oz mozzarella cheese (fresh)

4 nasturtium leaves + 2 blossoms

Saute shiitake mushrooms in butter with garlic.  Cook over medium heat until mushrooms are super soft.  Cut a french baguette into slices and place sliced mozzarella on of half (this will be one half of the sandwich).  Place cooked mushrooms on the other half and place on a baking sheet under the broiler on high.  

 Broil just for a minute or two until cheese is melted (watch carefully) and when they are done, add nasturtium leaves and blossoms and cut into mini sammies.  Then enjoy! 



Whew, this was a long one.  Off to eat some dinner, pack and probably hit the hay pretty early–5 AM wake up times are wayyy too early.


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