I’m going going, back back…

to Cali Cali!  It’s Wednesday and my three day work week is over! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am heading out to California for my friend Kat’s wedding.   This morning I got distracted at work and by the time I checked in I had already gotten section B on Southwest. I’m pretty upset at myself for that, I better get a window seat still!

I’m finishing up packing and then I’m hitting up a hot yoga class tonight.

As you might remember, I went to a class on Monday night for my first time.  I was really nervous about it because outside of a steam room, I often don’t handle extreme heat very well.   When I first got into the room I wondered for a few minutes if I could handle actually doing yoga as opposed to just sitting there, but it ended up being fine and I didn’t feel like any of the poses were overly challenging for a newbie like me which helped.  I made sure to drink a ton of water throughout the class since I probably sweated out 5 pounds or so.  I also wore shorts because I knew I would be way too hot in yoga pants and I think it was a good decision although any pose that required arms and legs together was pretty much impossible since my hands kept sliding off my legs.   Gross! I can honestly say that I don’t think I have sweat more in my entire life.

I’m not sure I will make a habit of hot yoga because as someone who is prone to dehydration and migraines from that dehydration, I’m not sure that sweating out all of the water I do have in my body is a good thing to do on a regular basis.  I have noticed the last few days that my skin is insanely dry and my nose is even peeling now!

That being said, I did feel great after the class and I can see it being something that I want to do again and again.  I do think that hot yoga helps to get a better stretch and I felt noticeably less sore for the next few days, especially in my hip.   The real reason that is keeping me from signing up for more classes is because the classes are really expensive and I can’t really justify them on top of a gym membership.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a groupon!

I am especially excited for today’s class because I can barely walk today.  Alex and I ran 11 miles yesterday which is our longest run to date, and also the longest we are going to run before the race.   Something about wind and days I schedule my long runs just go together I guess, because the run was just as windy as the 10 miler I ran.   Most of the time on the lake (about 5 miles give or take), was windy enough that it was hard to even move against it.   There were moments where the wind subsided, but they were few and far between.   The run was fine, I felt great after the wind miles, until about the last 1.5 miles when my knees, shins, calves, hip, heel, everything on and around my legs hurt.  It actually took a lot to lift my leg over a curb as we were running the very last stretch and when we finally stopped to walk, I could barely get up the steps into my apartment–that isn’t an exxageration, even if I might be prone to it from time to time.   I foam rolled and stretched which must have helped some because I can walk today at least.   I also tried out shot blocks on the run and loved them!  I am slowly but surely trying out a few things to know which one I’ll want on race day.  So far I have had a Honey Stinger (basically pure honey) which I loved and a Blackberry Gu which was absolutely nast.  (Clif) Shotblocks are different though because they are like chewy candy. I thought I wouldn’t like having to chew something while running but I found that I liked them better than the ‘gel’ish ones.

Since I wasn’t home much this week, I didn’t really do any grocery shopping besides one small trip to Trader Joe’s for staples: tofu, broccoli and bananas.    I did contemplate something special from Treasure Island though….Name that deal:

Did you see it?  Watermelons for 3 dollars!!   I wasn’t positive if I would be able to finish a whole one in a day and a half.  I must have forgotten last summer when I averaged 3-4 watermelons per week.  I kind of wish I was kidding.

I also made some seed crackers which I have been meaning to do for awhile.  Everytime I go to the store I want to buy Mary’s Gone Crackers except I can’t justify the almost 5 dollar price tag for such a small box since I could most likely eat them in one sitting.  When I saw that Averie had a recipe for a seed based cracker similar to Mary’s, I knew I had to try them.

The crackers main components are chia seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. It helped that I had everything on hand!

Bird Seed Crackers   inspired by and slightly adapted from Averie’s recipe

1/3 C Chia Seeds

1/3 C Ground flax or flax Seeds

1/3 C Sunflower Seeds

1/8 C Honey

1/8 C water

1/4 t Garlic Powder

1/4 t Cumin

1/4 t Chili Powder

1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract

2-4 T extra water if needed

Sea salt, for top of crackers

Averie’s version is for a sweet cracker but she also gives ideas for a savory version too.  I knew that I would prefer a savory version so that is what I made.  I also used ground flax in place of the flax seeds because it was all I had.  I think it would probably be better with the flax seeds, but either one works.   Combine the first three ingredients in a food processor blender and grind until they are small pieces, but still have some texture.   Add everything else and blend.   When you are done blending, check the consistency.  This is where your judgement and the extra water come in.  You want this to be a thinnish batter–like cake batter, not a super thick one like cookie dough would be.

If it seems too thick (like the above picture does), add water.  I added water twice to make sure the mixture was pourable…if you can’t pour it onto the baking sheet, it definitely needs some water.

I used parchment paper to ensure I didn’t have a mess of a pan, and added a little sea salt to the top of the crackers.  I spread mine really thin to ensure they got nice and cruncy crackerlike, but that is up to you (bake times will change based on thickness).  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  You want to take them out when they are brown and crisp so if they don’t look very cracker-like yet, keep them in for a few extra immediates.  Once they are crisp,  remove from oven and cut them immediately, before they cool.   If you are a Mary’s Gone Crackers fan, I think you will really like these.    You will especially like all the money you save making these yourself!

Note: You can also dehyrdate these instead of baking but I don’t know much about that since I don’t have a dehyrdator.  Check out Averie’s post for her original recipe and how to dehyrdate.

Now I’m off to do my last minute packing job.  I might be posting from California, but I have a pretty busy schedule so I’m not sure yet.  I have one post ready to go though and my mom will be posting through Sunday and I’ll jump in if I can.   Have a great rest of your week!


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