I survived…

I’m updating this post because wordpress somehow posted a saved half version.. grrr.  So sorry if you are getting it again when I repost it.

Sorry we didn’t post yesterday….just had too much fun I guess!  Saturday was our second annual family reunion (on my mom’s side) and it was my first annual because I didn’t come last year.   But the party has been at my parent’s house both years and was a good time and chance to see everyone despite the extreme heat!

The party didn’t go too late, but we still had some drinking to do on the porch.  Then today we had lots of errands, went to see Harry Potter (finally!) and then had dinner with my grandparents and cousins (Hi Trevor!!).

These pics are a hodgepodge of today and yesterday…with a few randoms thrown in and they are not in any sort of order :)

run by the lake









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  1. look at all those raspberries! looks so good.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is that good looking web designer on the right next to you Katie?

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