Hot and Easy Shrimp

Hot and Easy Shrimp

It’s hot outside and this is a quick and really easy summer
dinner.  Cooking shrimp on the grill
takes just a few minutes, I’m not kidding!!
Two minutes per side, so just 4 minutes on the grill and dinner is done.  Tonight we had just a little more
than a pound of shrimp for 5 people and we all had plenty to eat.  This has just enough heat to warm your
insides without making you remember that it’s a bit too hot outside.  I like to use Sriracha hot chili sauce, you can
find this in the Asian section of the grocery store.

1 pound peeled, deveined, raw shrimp

½ cup bottled barbeque sauce of choice

¼ cup hot chili sauce

Mix chili sauce and barbeque sauce together in mixing bowl.  Add shrimp to barbeque mixture and mix until
evenly coated with sauce.  Allow shrimp
to marinade for 15 or 20 minutes, then place shrimp on skewers.  Place skewers on large platter or pan and pour
the marinade that remains in the mixing bowl over the skewers.  Preheat grill and cook for 2 minutes per
side, flip, cook for 2 minutes more and enjoy.
This is nice with scallops too.  Try this and enjoy!  Karen


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