Homemade Hummus and Cake batter pancakes!


Happy Hump Day!  Also happy snow day for many of you in Chicago.  My office was closed today due to the snow so I worked from home.  From the way my car/street looks at the moment I think I might be working from home tomorrow too.

My car is on the left, monster truck on the right (not joking)

I spent about 1.5 hours digging my car out, but the alley I park in is still untouched so unless something changes before tomorrow AM it doesn’t look like I will be getting out. Ugh.  Did I mention that I HATE snow with a passion?  I don’t think even think snow is pretty, I just think it is a huge annoyance.

Moving on, this morning I made Cake Batter Pancakes!

I mean hey, if I’m dealing with all this snow I might as well eat pancakes right?  I found the recipe from Jessica over at How Sweet It Is .  They were really good but I was expecting a little bit more yellow cake taste and they tasted more like regular pancakes (really good pancakes though!).  I ate them with syrup and I think I should have made the glaze that she used to make them taste more like cake.   The batter was delicious and I ate way too much of it, raw eggs and all.  I think the batter is the reason I expected a huge cake flavor, because it tasted just like a cake batter.

I also made some garlic hummus today.   I think people are sometimes intimidated of making homemade hummus.   This is just an assumption but I guess I have it because I was intimidated to make it for so long, until my mom told me how easy it is to make.  And she was right!

Hummus often comes in many different flavors and textures and the nice thing about making your own is you can make whichever flavor and texture that you like best.   I like hummus to be really super creamy but not overly thick.   I also made this one really garlicky.   Here is the recipe:

Garlic Lemon Hummus

1 can garbanzo peas (chickpeas)

1 lemon

4 cloves garlic

1 T tahini paste

4 T olive oil

Dash of water or broth

Pinch or two of salt

1 t Paprika

To make, I drained and rinsed the chickpeas and threw them in the food processor.  Then I added the garlic (you don’t need to chop it, the food processor will), juice from one lemon, tahini paste, salt and olive oil.  Puree these ingredients for about 30 seconds and check if the mixture looks too dry.  Either add more oil or the water/broth.  The reason I added more water/broth is because I thought my hummus already had a really strong olive oil flavor and I didn’t want to add more but I knew I needed more liquid.


Sidenote: My parents call me the Fat Nazi because I don’t like to add oil to anything.  I used to stand over my mom’s shoulder when she was cooking and tell her to go easy on the olive oil (she doesn’t really use that much).    Now I do realize the importance of healthy fats and oils but I still have some of the ‘Fat Nazi’ mentality and unfortunately the nickname.

Once I had all the ingredients in, I pureed for about 2 minutes until the mixture was really smooth.  I added paprika to the top.  Delicious and so easy!


Warning: This recipe is very very garlicky.  Edward Cullen will not come near you after eating this, so go lighter than I mentioned above if you don’t love garlic.

I also think that baked garlic would taste great in this recipe!  Something to try for next time.

I’ll leave you with this awesome pic of me getting ready to go shovel snow.   Isn’t my shoveling outfit great?  Grey sweatpants+Grey sweatshirt=Winning Combo.

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