Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!  Hope everyone is enjoying a fun and patriotic celebration!  Or had a great celebration I guess.

I’m just going to pick this post up where I left off yesterday.  We went to the Pier last night for dinner.   My mom and I both ordered a drink called a Crisp and Cool (I think that is what it was called).  It was so good that I ordered 2 more of them!  We actually just tried to recreate the drink a few minutes ago and did a great job.  My mom is posting tonights dinner tomorrow, so you will see the recipe then!    Here is our dinner in pictures:

I had the steak and whitefish which was delicious!   I thought the most interesting thing was th salad my mom ordered.  It was an entire pear which was cored and stuffed with blue cheese and then covered in phillo dough.  I had a few bites and really liked it!  

 My mom actually burnt her hand really bad on our ghetto dryer right before we left for dinner (we didn’t realize it was ghetto until she burnt her hand), and immediately had huge blisters on all of her fingers.   For those of you who have burnt your finger before, you know how much it hurts.  Imagine that times 4.  We offered to go to the hospital or stay home from dinner at least, but she insisted on going.  She said she was ok as long as she could keep her hand on a cold glass at all times.  We packed a ziploc of ice for the car coming and going.   Luckily, today she is feeling a lot better and not in as much pain as last night.

Today for the 4th, we went into downtown Harbor Springs for the parade!  What an exciting parade it is!  Not.  The parade is nice because it is local, and basically the entire town turns out for it but it doesn’t have many floats or anything.  Plus whoever was orchestrating the parade today sucked.  There were huge gaps in between almost every float or whatever it was that came by.  It was super hot so we ended up leaving halfway through–which not coincedentally was the longest gap with nothing else coming–it was probably 5 minutes at least.   We also went to the art fair in Harbor.  We all agreed there was a lot of interesting stuff but nothing really worth buying, especially for how expensive everything was.

After leaving the parade, we came back and grilled some brats for lunch…but pictures were not taken, sorry.    We went to this  farm/store up here called Pond Hill Farm.   Pond Hill is a family operated farm which started pretty small a few years back, but has grown into a pretty big operation.

They sell canned goods (as in they can a ton of their own vegetables, jelly, sauces, dressings, etc), all natural foods, home grown produce, organically raised meat, etc.  They also sell flowers and have recently added a You pick strawberries and raspberries.  They also have stuff for little kids–petting animals, feeding fish, etc and are soon opening a winery which I am pretty excited about.   The only downside is that as they have grown, it seems like their prices have grown too.  But, since you know everything is local and most is grown on site, it is worth it in most cases.

My favorite thing to buy at Pond Hill is the cherry berry mix:

I’m taking this bag home with me and will probably be gone very soon.

After we went to Pond Hill, we ran a few errands and then went golfing.  We golfed late in the day which meant we pretty much had the course to ourselves!  I golf very sporadically (probably once a year), so while I have the potential to be good, I don’t do it frequently enough and therefore suck.  Then, I get frustrated when I suck.  Vicious cycle.

My mom and I also usually sit out for hole 8.  It is the longest hole on this particular course which is why I don’t like it.  I wish that they had 6 hole courses.  That would be the perfect amount, by 9 I am generally over playing golf.

When we got home we had a treat from the freezer that we had made before leaving:

Aren’t they pretty?  Recipe for these to come soon :) .  Now it is late and we are just sitting down to dinner.

Have a great night!


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