Egg Drop Soup

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I should probably have a Mexican recipe for you, huh? Well I figured since my mom did a great one yesterday, I didn’t need to do one again today.  Plus, you can also make homemade tortilla chips, edamole, corn and black bean salad or black bean tortilla cakes.  

The other day I had a craving for chinese but didn’t really want to order any.  I thought about what I could make and started searching online for homemade recipes.  Every time I have attempted to make chinese food it has not been very good.  Have you ever noticed that it is next to impossible to make good chinese food at home? I have also tried some of the frozen chinese food at Trader Joe’s and for how much I generally like Trader Joe’s pre-made and frozen food, most of the chinese stuff they have is just eh.   A few things I have had are good, like the egg rolls and orange chicken but most are gross–including these vegetables:

The sauce was too sweet yet somehow kinda watery and tasted di-sgusting so I ended up throwing them out.  It saddens me to throw out food but sometimes you just gotta do it.

I was planning on having the vegetables with the homemade egg drop soup that I made.  I figured this soup wasn’t too complicated and would be fairly easy to make.  After reading around for how to make it, I came up with this:

Egg Drop Soup

4 cups chicken broth

1-2 T soy sauce

1.5 T cornstarch (preferably light corn starch)

1 t rice vinegar

1 clove garlic

4 eggs

Boil the chicken broth (or you could use vegetable broth) with the garlic clove (whole), rice vinegar, corn starch and soy sauce.   In the meantime, crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk the yolks and whites together (mix really well).

Once the broth mixture is boiling, stir a few times in a circular motion, then remove the garlic clove and slowly drizzle the eggs into the broth.  Make sure you drizzle in a stream and don’t just pour them in, because otherwise they will cook in a clump (like a poached egg) instead of cooking in ribbons like the traditional soup.   I actually had to make this a few different times to get better at my egg droppin skills.  I think the key is to whisk the eggs together reallyyyy well so they don’t clump up so easily. I had a few poached egg type things my first few attempts.

For something that looks so complicated-or at least to me it always has-this is really really simple!  It doesn’t taste exactly like the kind you would get from a chinese restaurant, but I think it is more similar than any other dishes I have attempted before.  Woohoo!  I have another ‘chinese food’ recipe that I actually made last night by accident–the best kind of recipe!  I’ll probably post it early next week.

I also finally am getting around to talking about the bachelorette party from last weekend!  I already mentioned that it was my friend Lauren’s bachelorette party and her wedding is coming up in a little over a week!  Mike (Lauren’s fiance) is the first of my high school friends to get married, and I also went to college with him so it will be a lot of my high school friends and college friends too!

For the party, we started out by going to another friends apartment and playing a few bachelorette games and opening presents. Kristen, Mer and I didn’t know most of the girls at the beginning of the night so it was fun getting to know everyone.   After awhile we headed to District, a bar/club here in Chicago and then to a bar called Mother Bears which is basically a dark but huge basement bar with a pretty big dance floor.  Dark bars in basements were dangerous places in college and this proved to be the same.   You lose track of time in those places!  We used those bachelorette ‘dare’ cards throughout the night which were good for a free drink (or 8).   I have only been to two bachelorette parties but I always think it is so fun how random strangers get so excited and into doing dares and various tasks.   Kristen, Mer and I brought the cards which Kristen picked up from her regular haunt, Lover’s Lane.   When we opened the cards, they appeared to be blank, so we frantically were writing our own dares on the back of the cards once we got to the bar.   Then, someone pointed out to us that the front of the card was just sealed, so you just had to peel it off to see the dare.   Oops…..I swear we aren’t (quite) that dumb.   There was alcohol involved + a dark cab ride and dark bar.  We just couldn’t see!!

I think I’m officially retiring the thumbs up.

I have a busy day tomorrow for my first site visit for work which I’m very excited for!  Then I’m headed home for the weekend for Mother’s Day.  Talk to you Saturday from GP!


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