Easy Single Serving Microwave Brownie Bowl

On Monday night, Mer made brownies for one of her friend’s birthdays.   I didn’t want to eat one of them since I am eating dairy this week (which means I shouldn’t be eating gluten).

The only problem was, once I smelled the brownies cooking, I wanted one.  I tried to forget about them but you know how it is when you try to deny a serious chocolate craving.  It doesn’t go away; it just hides for awhile and then comes back full force—maybe even stronger.

Yesterday when I got home from work, I decided to do something about it.  I get chocolate cravings fairly frequently but usually need something more than just a bite of chocolate (remind me of that next time I am downing half a bag of chocolate chips).  Usually I want a chocolate chip cookie or as the case may be, an ooey gooey chocolately brownie.  Who am I to deny myself of this craving?

But, as I mentioned, there was already half a pan of brownies sitting in our apartment.  That meant that if I made another pan of brownies (gluten free of course), I would most likely be the only one eating them.  And then when the entire pan was gone after 1 day, there would only be myself to blame.

I decided the best alternative was to make a single serving brownie.  Since I didn’t really want to bake a single serving, I attempted to microwave.  It took a little bit of trial and error, but I finally got a warm and super chocolately gooey brownie that I think you guys will approve of—it will satisfy even the most serious chocolate craving.

Next time you feel like demolishing an entire pan of brownies, this microwave brownie will provide an excellent alternative.  I made my version gluten free using brown rice flour, but you can use any flour that you have on hand.



Single Serving Microwave Brownie

¼ cup flour (I used brown rice flour)

Approx 1 T honey*

1 T applesauce

2 T milk

1.5 T cocoa powder

1/8 t baking powder

1/16 t salt

1 flax egg**

1-2 T chocolate chips

Directions: First make flax egg (water+ground flax).  Then, mix all the dry ingredients (flour, powder, salt).  Add the honey, milk, applesauce and finally flax egg and stir to combine.  Pour chocolate chips over the top (you don’t need to stir them in).  Microwave on high for 2 minutes.  Brownie is best when it is still warm out of the microwave.

*You might want to decrease the amount of honey based on the number of chocolate chips you use.  I wouldn’t recommend skipping chocolate chips because they provide a lot of the chocolatey flavor.  If you don’t have chips or don’t want to use them, make sure and use the full amount of honey, maybe a little bit more.

**I also tried making this with a real egg, in case you don’t have flax or don’t want to use it.   The brownie turns out a lot more cake-like using egg and more fudgelike using flax.  So, decide which to use based on your brownie preference.

Cake-like Egg version

For the HUGE serving size this makes, I think it would be the equivalent of 2, maybe the 3 full size brownies.  I know I said single serving, but obviously thats because I ate it all at once.  Let’s go with 3, here are how the stats compare (roughly):

Pretty good, huh??  Next time you get a chocolate craving, give them a try!  Make sure and let me know what you think :)

Have a great night!



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  1. Heather Remtema

    I’m making this for myself tomorrow…thank you!!

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