D’s Chicken Curry

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  For those of you in Chicago (or Michigan), hope you are staying safe and out of the snow/horrendous wind.  As I type this I am actually feeling a breeze from my window which is 5 feet away.  I also had to put towels down because so much melted snow was coming in.  SCORE!

I got lucky that I could leave early from work today to make my commute home okay.  I saw that it was taking some people 4.5 hours to get home! Yikes.

Once I got home I decided to use my dads recipe (D for short, hence the recipe name) to make chicken curry.  He has never done much of the cooking in our house since he is too lazy my mom does most of it (kidding about the lazy D).  One dish he has always made is his famous chicken curry,  as well as done all of the grilling.   I decided to ask him for the recipe so that I could make it and share it with you guys.  He sent it to me and I think it would be best if I shared his exact directions with you, so this will be a guest post of sorts.  I made this tonight for dinner and am still stuffeddd.   The pictures throughout are the ones I took tonight, and here are is the recipe and directions:

D’s Chicken Curry

You need:

A bunch of Chicken – either with or without bones.  (Typically the equivalent of 4 chicken breasts)  I prefer the taste of the curry with chicken bones, but they are a pain in the ass because they fall out and then you have to eat it slow.

2 or 3 large onions

I use a whole head of garlic or more depending how much patience I have pealing it

1 each of green, red, yellow peppers.  I do this because your mother likes color

4 or 5 tomato plus a big can of chopped up tomatoes.  You could use all fresh tomato but I get bored after cutting up four or five.

Caraway seeds

Curry powder

Ground Coriander

Ground Ginger

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Some kind of chicken bouillon, if you don’t have bones – see above

You also need:

Uncle ben’s long grain and wild rice

Two good loaf of bread

Some good cheddar cheese

Single malt scotch – cooks choice


Get out the bread and the cheese and cut up a few pieces to eat while you are cooking.  Also, pour a little of the scotch and have a sip.

cheese...check.  scotch...just couldn't bring myself to drink it

In a large pot (about 12 inches round and about 12 inches high, more or less) pour in a bunch of olive oil.  If I tell you how much I pour in, you won’t eat it any more when I make it.  Heat up the olive oil.

While the olive oil is heating, cut up the onions whichever way you like to make small pieces.  Finish this before the oil catches fire. Be careful when you dump them in.

Throw in the caraway seeds – use a lot

Throw in the garlic (if you are new to the kitchen and you throw in the garlic without peeling it because I didn’t tell you to, too bad. It couldn’t be any worse than the time I made lasagna without cooking the noodles first) (By the way, Mom taught me a really cool way to peel garlic cloves by whacking them with the flat side of the cooking knife. It is really fun and easy)

garlic 'whacking'

Stir this around until the onions are golden brown. This should take about 4 or 5 minutes. During rest periods, drink scotch and eat cheese.  Also, skin the chicken if it has any. (You may want to do this to start if you are a slow chicken skinner – plus, then you won’ get chicken juice on your scotch glass.)

Throw the chicken in the pot and stir it around with the onions and seeds.  The idea is to get the exterior of the chicken all cooked up on all sides.  Cooks have a name for this, but you know what I mean.

While you are stirring the chicken around, pour all the other powders right on to the chicken and cook and stir around until it’s a brown mess.  Have more scotch. Don’t taste anything because the chicken isn’t cooked yet. The heat during this period is high enough to cook stuff, but low enough not to burn anything.

Sip the scotch. Eat the Cheese.

Throw in all the tomatoes (the fresh ones should be cut up into chunks however you like to do this) the canned ones too.

Turn the heat down a little.  After the tomatoes are in, there is usually enough water in the pot to cover the chicken.  If not, pour in a little water until the chicken is just covered. Use as little water as possible to make this happen.

Stir things around and bring to a light boil.  While you are waiting, cut up the peppers the way you like.  I like big long strips because pepper haters can take them out latter and you still get the color when you serve it. Don’t leave these out to please anyone.  Make them pick them out because they do add a lot to the taste.

Sip the scotch.

Turn the thing down to a simmer and throw in the peppers.

The longer you cook this the better it gets. After a minimum of an hour, taste a little, and throw in more of the powders to your taste.  Also, at this point you may decide you need that bullion.  I generally don’t wait to taste it.  I throw in the bullion early on.

Cook as long as you have time for.  If you sipped too much scotch, you may forget about it entirely.

When you decide it’s almost time to eat, turn off the curry.  This is an important step because it’s not as good when it’s too hot.

Follow the directions for the long grain rice. This should take about a half hour.

Eat it fast or slow depending on what you decided about the bones with a nice red wine, a little salad, and the other loaf of bread.


Trader Joe's Garlic Naan...delicious!

Optional – If you don’t cook that often, like me, you may want to ask everyone if they like it each time they take a bite.  Eat a lot of it to prove it is good.

Thanks for the recipe and guest post D!  He added that last part because every time my dad makes something we have to tell him it is really good every 1.5 seconds or he will get a sad face and say “I knew you guys didn’t like it”.  So, if you are dealing with a sensitive cook, make sure you are being very vocal about your love of the food!

The curry was great and I will have lots of leftovers too!  Make sure and taste it after it simmers for about an hour because that is the time you know if you will need more salt, curry powder or whatever.   Also, you can use variations and use more/less of the vegetable and chicken ingredients and I think it will still turn out really well.   I actually only used about half the chicken that the recipe called for, not on purpose but because when I went to Trader Joe’s today the blizzard preparation had cleared out the shelves (no joke) and I got the LAST thing of chicken.  It was 2 pieces but they were really big so I figured that was fine.   I only used red peppers because they were on sale but I do see my mom’s point about using all different colors, I think it would make the dish a lot prettier.  Also, don’t be afraid of using a lot of the spices.  I think I dumped curry powder in like 4 different times and it tasted really flavorful at the end, but not overly potent.

And thats that.  A really good dish for a winter blizzard, so try it out soon!

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  1. Ziggy

    I made this and it was great!!!

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