Crockpot or not split pea soup

Hello friends!  Hope you have had a great weekend!

I had a busy but fun weekend.  Saturday I went to yoga, ran some errands and then went to a BBQ.  It was not a great day for a rooftop BBQ–it was FREEZING in Chicago yesterday, but besides the weather it was a ton of fun.

Today, I did a little shopping and picked up some awesome stuff– running shorts and a running skirt from Marshall’s (both super cheap!) and shorts and some baller jewelry from Forever 21.


We also stopped to get some Fro YO at Berry Moon (yay for eating dairy!).   I like Berry Moon because you can fill your own cup and add your own toppings and then it gets weighed after that.  I sampled probably as much as I ended up getting but ended up just getting original tart with fruit.

On another note, I am loving yoga lately!  I just can’t believe that I didn’t try it sooner!  I am determined to become really good at it so I can do poses like this:


I tend to get grand ideas of lots of stuff I want to learn, do, etc and then I get bored of them shortly after.   I’m hoping that doesn’t happen with yoga because I think it will be really beneficial to get more involved in it for running.  Plus I always feel so much better mentally and physically after I go.

As for a recipe, I know that it is getting a little warm for soup, but this has been a recipe I have been eating for 2 weeks straight and made on two separate occasions so I figured I should share it. Plus, if your office is anything like mine, you will be able to eat soup all through the summer because it is so COLD inside all the time.

Crockpot (or not) Split Pea and Quinoa Soup

1 bag (16 oz) split peas

2 cloves garlic

1-11/2 cups quinoa (I used red the first time and a mixture of red and white the second, any color works!)

1/2 cup carrots

1/2 celery

7 cups water or chicken broth

Put ingredients into the crockpot in the order listed above, do not stir! and turn on high for 4 and half hours or low for about 8.   If you use chicken broth, you won’t need salt but if you use water you probably will.   You can also cook on the stovetop, but if you do that, you will want to stir the ingredients.  If you do use stovetop, you might want to soak the peas overnight first too.  The soup thickens up a lot so it is super thick and hearty.   Since quinoa soaks up a lot of water, if you want a soup thats a little thinner, increase the broth.   I know split pea and ham is common but since I hate ham, I thought quinoa would be a great addition for an extra protein boost.  I just love this soup!  If you are into eating soup in the summer like me, try it out!

Off to punch my neighbors for playing nonstop music when I want to go to bed at 9 pm like a 70 year old.  UGH.

Have a good night!




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