Crazy happenings

Today was a crazy one.  I didn’t get home until almost 9, by which point I was STARVING.   I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home so that I could stock up on a few things.  Plus, I really really felt like pizza and I knew I could get some dough at Trader Joes to make a healthier version.

But first things first, the reason my day was so crazy is because I found out that a RAT had been building a nest on my car engine! EWWWWWWW.  So gross!  I am getting chills as I type this, that is how much rats gross me out (not surprising, I mean who likes rats).   I found the whole thing out because I had been smelling a weird burning smell for the previous 2 days while I was driving to work.  My dad told me to check and make sure everything was ok under the hood and low and behold it was a HUGE GINORMOUS nest that covered the entire engine.   I meant to take a picture but I was too grossed out.    A coworker of mine was nice enough to help me get it the heck out of my car and I spent a few hours after work de-ratifying my car.   I took my car to a car wash to have the engine area totally cleaned out and sprayed with a sealant and then bought mothballs that I placed on the engine area (the guys who cleaned up my car actually did it for me).   And I took a final precaution of parking on the street tonight so the shady rats won’t know where to find me he he he.   I’m hoping once I move back to my parking spot they won’t come back.   For anyone who lives in Chicago, I took my car to a place called Car Care Specialists and I would really highly recommend them for even just car washes, detailing, etc.  They were SO SO nice, squeezed me in right away and made sure to have me check a few times that they had done a good enough job with my car.  They also washed the interior and exterior and it is squeaky clean for the first time.

Anyways, it was quite the adventurous day.  If you haven’t lost your appetite by now (bc I totally did for awhile), I will move back to food discussions.   I bought the whole wheat dough from Trader Joe’s—which I really recommend.  While homemade dough is nice, it is more time consuming.   TJ’s dough is healthy and made with great ingredients and is just so darn easy (and cheap!).   All I did was take about 1/3rd of the dough, spread it out on a baking sheet and cover with ingredients.  Sidenote: Usually I flour a cutting board and roll out the whole thing, but I was way too hungry so I took a few shortcuts.  I also didn’t want to make all the dough since it was just me eating it.   Second sidenote:  This dough freezes really well!  I froze the rest and when you thaw you will not notice a difference at all.

On the pizza I put walnut pesto (recipe to follow), chopped artichoke hearts, tomatoes and feta.  I also put cheddar cheese and a little tomato sauce on the end because I ran out of pesto.  I put in the oven at 350 and baked for about 15 minutes. Deeelish!

Basil Walnut pesto:

½ cup walnuts

About 1 cup of basil (not mashed or anything, just fill 1 cup with the basil leaves, with stems removed)

¼ cup olive oil

1 teasoon chopped garlic

1 teaspoon lemon juice

You could use more or less garlic depending on how strong you want the garlic taste to be.  Also, you could add more or less olive oil for how thick or thin you want the pesto to be.  I just combined all the ingredients in my food processor, adding the olive oil last.  I actually added less than ¼ cup but mine was really thick.  Since I originally made it as more of a spread for French bread, it turned out great, but if you like a bit of a ‘saucy’ pesto, then I would recommend adding a little more.

The pizza turned out really well.  I really love pesto on pizza, I think it adds great flavor and I like it a lot more than regular old tomato sauce.  I was so hungry that I ate half before I remembered to take a picture…oops!  And then the picture wasn’t even that good.  You guys get the idea though.

Now I’m off to bed and hoping not to have nightmares about rats.   Wish me luck!


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8 Responses to Crazy happenings

  1. Kristen

    Love the walnut pesto recipe! And Chicago rats are gross. Nuf said.

  2. I must say, I love seeing a new blog by people who love to cook and eat healthy food just like me! Regarding the pesto, I am always making new kinds of pesto, and this one was delicious! Do you have any other creative blends?

  3. Lindsey

    TJ’s pizza dough is the best! Gonna have to try this recipe soon!!

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  7. Preheat oven to 425FFinely mince 1 large clove of garlic and 1 spirng parsley, add to bowl with 1 stick softened unsalted butter. Grate in 2-3 Tablespoons parm or romano, mix well. Salt to taste.Halve? a fresh french roll, and generously spread on butter mixture. Sprinkle with paprika.Bake at 425F for about 7 minutes, or until edges turn crispy.Real garlic makes a world of difference.

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