Carnivale time

Last night was April’s addition of the Supper Club!  The Supper Club is a monthly dinner that 4 girlfriends and myself hold each month, rotating apartments so a different person hosts each month.  Since we had gone through everyone’s respective apartments, we decided that this month we would go to a restaurant that we wanted to try.  This month we decided to go to Carnivale.  Carnivale is a really cool restaurant that specializes in Latin cuisine.  I have been there once before with my parents and once for a charity event (but I mostly drank and didn’t eat that time).

I think the part I like the most about Carnivale is the decor.  The main dining room is huge and open like a ballroom.  The ceilings are really tall and there are ginormous pink and yellow chandeliers

I used pictures from the restaurants website for the interior because mine did not turn out well at all.  The lighting in there led to not very good pics as you will see.  I especially love the wine racks that are 20 or so feet up, do you see them on the right hand side?

I was pretty crabby when we got there because I was starving and had a really horrible headache.   They have a policy that you can’t be seated until your entire party is there which annoyed me at the time but really was fine because we got seated in about 5 minutes or less of the last person arriving.

Once we were seated we ordered some drinks.  They are well known for their sangria, which Alex ordered but I especially love the mojitos so I ordered that.

Kristen and Mer ordered beer and wine…..boring!!!!  Haha.  The mojito is sooo good, one of my favorites of all time but the drinks are pretty pricey.  The mojito (which is pretty small as you can see), is 8.75.   I had 5.  And I was driving!

Kidding.  Dad, still gotta get you somehow :) .

We got chips and guac to start since we were all really hungry.

The guac was really tasty and I think the chips were homemade, always a plus.  Although they didn’t give us enough chips for the amount of guacamole.  Hate when that happens!

For dinner I ordered the vegetarian dish which had squash, wheatberries, green beans, peas, mushrooms in a spicy red sauce with arugula on top

The dish was good but not great.  I really liked the mushrooms and the sauce but there just wasn’t anything special about the squash or wheatberries.  I tried a bite of Kristen’s salad (beets!) which I obviously liked and also had a few plantains that Mer ordered on the side and the plantains were delicious.  Mer and Alex both ordered (different) chicken dishes and both said they were really good.  I remember when I went with my parents, that I loved the dish I got–although I couldn’t remember what I had gotten!  And they both said they liked the dishes that they got but didn’t love them.  Moral of the story, I think the experience at this restaurant is the best part of it and also the drinks.  I wish they had drink specials but sadly they don’t :( .   As far as the food, it seems to totally depends on the dish–some are really great and some are just ok.  The restaurant is pretty expensive, but not absurdly so.  We all agreed that the drinks should be cheaper, especially on a weeknight.  All in all, a fun place to go with friends-we had a great time!

Mer, Kg, Al, Me.  Yes, height order is a requirement.

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Off to enjoy the weekend, hope you are too!



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