Berry Beet and Seed Salad

This week is flying by!  Probably helps that I had Monday off!  The only downside of that is I don’t get to take a half day on Friday if I have had a half day during the week.  Oh well, totally worth it.  The rain and cold has had me wishing I was back in California working on my tan.

Or spray tan as the case may be.  Either way, at least I didn’t look like Casper anymore.  The problem with spray tans is that you can’t sweat (or cry as the case may be) or it will run, so I didn’t want to work out before the wedding. I just pumped some iron for 20 minutes and called it a day.

Even though my half marathon is getting closer and closer (as in a week and half away…ahh!), I have actually been running less and less lately.  While I probably should be running more, I am really paranoid about injuring my hip even more than it already hurts.   I ran once in California–for a mile so I don’t think that counts, and then spent most of Thursday walking around–probably covering about 8 miles total–in flip flops.  Not my smartest move ever.  After that day and 2 days/nights in heels + a lot of drinking and not a ton of sleep, I knew it would be tough to get back into running.  Monday I ran a tough and hot 3 and decided to then give myself a break for Tuesday and today.  So instead, I went to a cardio tai box class yesterday at my gym.  This was the first time I have gone even though I have been meaning to go for awhile now.  A girl I met at the gym awhile back told me it was a great class but really hard and I have to agree with her.   If you are looking for a new class to try, I would highly recommend it.  I think most gyms would have some form of this, maybe not called cardio tai box but at least a kickboxing class of some sort.  If you are interested in it, I definitely say you should give it a try!  It burns a lot of calories (around 600 in an hour–similar to running) but unlike running, the time speeds by and it is a lot of fun.  Don’t be intimidated—there were all levels in my class and I’m sure that is true of most classes.  I was so busy trying to keep moving that I didn’t even notice people around me.  Today, some muscles that I must not work often are super sore, especially around my rib cage.

I also have a del-ish salad to share with you.  If you like beets that is.  If you don’t, I’m sorry since I post a lot of beet stuff–but you were forewarned that beets are one of my fav foods.   If only beets and tofu were good together….hmmmm.

Beet Berry Seed Salad   serves 2

2 large beets (or 4 small), roasted in foil and then peeled and chopped into small pieces

1 pint blackberries

1/8 cup sunflower seeds

1/8 cup almonds, chopped or whole

Optional: goat or feta cheese

Dressing:  1 T balsamic vinegar, 1 T olive oil, 1 t lemon, 1/8 t dijon mustard (optional if you want a mustard taste), salt & pepper to taste

Combine the beets, blackberries, seeds and almonds.  If you want to add cheese (I think goat cheese would be great), add a few crumbles to the top then add dressing.  So simple for a great side dish or light summer salad!

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