Last night Mer and I had a BBQ and it was a ton of fun!  We spent the day getting ready for it by cleaning and picking up a few last minute things.  I made some GF almond butter cookies, Mer made pasta salad and a green salad and we had brats, hot dogs and burgers.  Also a lot of people who came brought stuff which was so nice!  We now have a ton of leftovers which is always a bonus.  We bought the bags of frozen burgers from Costco and they are so easy!  They are actually meant to be cooked while still frozen so no thawing is necessary or anything.  Thank god because we forgot to take them out of the freezer before we even knew that!

We bought a ton of alcohol too and I think we will be set on vodka, beer and rum for a long time (aka a few weeks).  We had a pretty good turnout!  It was great to see so many different friends and we played a lot of flip cup which was a ton of fun.

The coolest part of the night was probably my nails

They are Sally Hansen.  I had been wanting them for awhile but I couldn’t find the leopard ones and finally found them in Harbor Springs.

Mer and I have finally gotten our porch into good shape!  It was looking a little bit like a homeless person hangout with all the crap we had on it, but I love it now!  I need to hang out there more often.  I thought I had a before picture but I can’t find it :(

Porch view:

My bloggin table!  Isn’t it cute?

Here is our ‘backyard’.  We share this area with our neighbors above and below, but it worked out nicely and allowed room for lots of people!

We actually had a little scare at one point because all the sudden all of the lights were flickering on and off, things kept going out and Mer’s room smelled horribly like burning.  We thought there might have been some sort of electrical fire but we finally realized that the speakers plugged in one of the outlets had blown a circuit.  Or something like that.  It was affecting our neighbors lights too which is why we thought it was something major.  Crisis averted at least and our downstairs neighbor just brought his speakers outside so it wasn’t a problem!

My mom bought me these Lilly Pulitzer plates and napkins that we used.  I love them and  I have had them for a long time and had been waiting for a good occasion to use them and this seemed as good as any!

I was not very good at taking pictures because I didn’t keep my phone on me, sorry :( .  I was too busy winning at flip cup.   Since I’m trying not to have gluten right now I played with water (shhhh don’t tell).  I just kept a mixed drink on the side.  I have played mixed drink flip cup before and I know how that turns out–not well.  Around 11 or 12 we decided to head out to a bar.  All in all it was a really fun night and a successful BBQ.

I saw my parents went to BlissFest which looked fun.  How was everyone else’s weekend?



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  1. linds

    Love the nails Katie! So fun. Looks like your BBQ was nice, I wish I had been there. I’m making Michael make me the cherry pancakes this weekend, I will let you know how they go :)

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