Aussie Burgers

Here’s a fat Tuesday recipe (Tuesday being the day each week when we entertain recipes that are a little less healthy than usual).  This is one of the first meals I think I had when we went to visit Katie in Australia while she was studying abroad there.  She insisted we had to try an Aussie burger and while the ingredients are all ones that I like, it didn’t seem like together they would be a winning combination.  I was very surprised and like to enjoy one now and then.  Craig (the beet hater) flatly refuses to eat these; I think he did give them a try in Australia though.  Luckily, the beets get added after the burger is grilled, so we can each make the burger of our choice by adding the condiments of our own personal preference once the burgers come off the grill.  Some restaurants serve Aussie burgers with a fried egg on top.  I haven’t tried the egg version.  I recall Caesar salad in Australia was always served with a fried egg on top as well, so if you’re into fried eggs, it’s the place to go!  Honestly though, Austraulia is amazing; the sights are so beautiful and the people are so incendibly friendly; it’s hard not to have a good time. 

Some recipes on the internet list bacon as a necessary ingredient but I usually don’t add bacon.  But if you’re going to add the egg, might as well go for the bacon too, we could call it a breakfast burger then.


Aussie Burger

Ground beef patties prepared on the grill to desired doneness

Tomatoes, one slice per burger

Onions, one slice per burger

Leaf lettuce, one leaf per burger

Canned sliced beets, drained, several beets per burger

Canned sliced pineapple, drained, one slice per burger

Cheddar cheese, one slice per burger

Barbeque sauce

Kaiser rolls, one per burger

Grill hamburgers on the barbeque (that’s barbie in Australian).  During the last minute of cooking, top each burger with cheddar cheese and allow to melt.  If desired, toast hamburger rolls on BBQ.   Add burger to bun and top with remainder of ingredients in any order.  You are really going to enjoy these mate!! Karen


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  1. katie mc

    love this recipe!!!!!!! aussie aussie aussie!! oi oi oi!!

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