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Hi guys!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  This one is flying by for me.

I saw the ABC’s of PBF posted last week by Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers and really enjoyed reading it so we thought that it would be fun to give it a try here.  That way you guys can learn a few random facts about both of us.

So, here goes…

The Alphabet of 2PeasinaBlog:

A. Age:

Katie: 25

Karen: 53

B. Bed size:

Katie: Queen

Karen: King

C. Chore you hate:

Katie: Cleaning the shower.  I don’t know why, I can’t stand it though.  Also ironing.  I would rather wear wrinkled clothes than iron (or have my roommate iron for me…she loves to iron!)

Karen: Cleaning/organizing closets, cleaning bathrooms, well let’s just say cleaning in general

D. Dogs:

Katie: are my favorite animal!  Someday!

Karen:  Our last dog was exceptionally smart, I’m afraid to get another, don’t want the so dumb they run away kind.

E. Essential start to your day:

Katie: Book on tape from the library.  Since I have an hour+ drive to work it keeps me from getting serious road rage on a daily basis

Karen:  A cup of tea always.  Even better, the New York Times with the tea

F. Favorite color.

Katie: White or black.  Can that count?

Karen:  Well, I’m not going to count black as a color, so hot pink it is!

G. Gold or silver:

Katie: Depends on the day, usually silver though

Karen:  Silver 95% of the time

H. Height:

Katie: 5’10”

Karen: 5’6”

I. Instruments you play:

Katie: the recorder…along with everyone else I went to elementary school with. I also dabble in the piano, with my specialty song being ‘gummie bear boogie’.  a classic.

Karen:  After years of piano lessons as a child, unlike Katie, don’t feel I can play the piano!

J. Job title:

Katie: Clinical Research Assistant

Karen: Registered Nurse, Research Coordinator

K. Kids:

Katie: not at the moment but I would like to have 2 or 3 eventually

Karen:  2 great ones, Katie and Andrew age 20

L: Live:

Katie:  Chicago, IL

Karen:  Grosse Pointe, MI

M: Mom’s name:

Katie: Karen.  But since you guys already knew that I’ll do dad’s name: Craig

Karen:  My Mom’s name was Peggy, I still miss her, she died in 1997

N: Nicknames:

Katie: Kate, K, K Dubs, Dubs, Stubs (thanks kmac), KWhite, Soggy Buns, Michigan.  I feel like I’m forgetting some

Karen:  I always wanted to have a nickname when I was younger but never did, if I have a nickname now, it’s not anything people call me to my face?

O. Overnight hospital stays:

Katie:  I was born 8 weeks premature, so I lived in the hospital for the first month or so of my life.

Karen:  Just 2 overnight stays, one when Katie was born, the other when Andrew was born.

P. Pet peeve:

Katie: Slow walkers, walkers that swerve all over the sidewalk when I am trying to pass them (and if they are slow too it’s a double whammy), slow drivers for that matter

Karen:  Gosh, maybe she got the slow walker pet peeve from me.  I can’t stand that.  Also can’t slow drivers, especially little men driving in big pickup trucks hogging the left lane on the freeway!

Q: Quote from a movie.

Katie: Anything from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (SJP circa early 90′s)  I used to know the movie almost line for line.

Karen:  Katie also knew Parent Trap line for line.

For me, same era, anything that Tyra Banks says in the Disney movie, Lifesize Tyra Banks plays Barbie)

Yes, I did do know Parent Trap too.  What can I say, I pick the classics!  Mom, prob this one because it is the only one you stayed awake for J

R. Right or lefty:

Katie: Lefty

Karen:  Right and I am always right!

S. Siblings:

Katie:  One younger brother, Andrew

Karen:  I am the oldest of 3 and the bossiest of 3 according to my sister, Sharon.  My brother Dave has never mentioned that he finds me bossy.

Karen, Sharon and my cousin Keaton (I couldn't find a pic w/ all three siblings!)

T.  Time you wake up.

Katie: If I’m working out in the morning: 5:30, if I’m not: 6:30, on the weekends whenever I wake up…usually 10 or 11

Karen: Tuesday and Thursday, I get up at 5:20am for Pilates class at 6am. The rest of the weekdays, 6:30am.  I always hope I’ll get to sleep until 9am on the weekend.

U: Underwear…

Katie: not sure I want to share that

Karen:  yes, I wear it, the dress code at my place of employment clearly states that underwear is required.

V. Vegetables you dislike:

Katie: None that I can think of, although I don’t like canned veggies very much and dislike some frozen ones too (brussel sprouts are nast)

Karen:  I like all vegetables unless they are overcooked, just say no to soggy vegetables.

W. What makes you run late:

Katie: I generally am early/on time but if I am late it is probably due to traffic these days

Karen:  Me, I always think a can fit just a little bit more into each hour of the day than I can and why not blame traffic too, there’s always traffic when I wish there wasn’t…

X.  X-Ray’s you have had:

Katie: Hmm, wrist, ankle/foot, back are a few, I have had a lot!

Karen:  Well, my middle fingers on two different occasions, when splinted it looking like I was giving the world the finger.  Knees a few times, when I was having pain with running, had them checked out to make sure they weren’t worn out.  Still good to go.

Y.  Yummy food you make:

Katie:Uh everything, duh! Most recently it would be BBQ Pulled Chicken, Bacon Wrapped Dates and maybe some cookies (I have yet to post the recipe, still tweaking!)

Karen:  I haven’t had a lot of failures!  Some of my recent favorites were Mediterranean shrimp, strawberry spinach salad, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.  I don’t make a lot of repeat meals, but one that I do repeat is from Epicurious, black bean tortilla cakes with tomato ginger vinaigrette served with a beef strip steak.  The vinaigrette is what really makes the meal, I will post the recipe soon.

Z.  Zoo Animal Favorite:

Katie:  Kangaroos and koalas!

Karen: Penguins

Hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit about us.  We will do more stuff like this now and again to keep the random info coming :) .


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