A Kodiak kind of day


I’m posting again today and this time from Harbor Springs!  I drove up yesterday to spend the weekend here with my M+D and my parents friend MB.  This morning we woke up to a downpour and I knew laying out was out of the question :( .  I actually managed a quick run when it briefly stopped raining around 10.   Remember when my mom posted about having Kodiak cakes (pancakes)?  Well today we used the Kodiak cake mix to make waffles and they were delicious!

Fruit salad and sausage on the side.

I ate about double that much of everything

After breakfast, we went to a flower shop where they also had some interesting stuff like a bowl/plate made from driftwood:

Not sure that I can pull of the hipster glasses…I look like such a dork.

Next stop was a farmers market with a great view!

Snack time

Nothing like fresh Michigan tomatoes!

We also went to an antique store and TJ Maxx where I bought a blouse, new running/yoga pants and a new Michigan tank top!  Just in time for a Michigan win! Woo hoo!  Coming out on top this year, I can feel it.

We also stopped at Subway at 5 pm because we were famished from  no lunch!  I am on a new ‘diet’ to control my migraines (more detail on that later) so I basically can’t eat anything at subway.  I got a veggie sandwich with all veggies minus pickles and olives and that’s it!  yummmmm.  It was ok but probably just because I was so hungry at that point.

When we got home I made a white bean and dill dip!  I love fresh dill and it tasted great in this recipe

White Bean and Dill Dip

1 can white beans (white kidney beans)

1/2 cup fresh dill

1 T olive oil

1/2 t salt

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 cloves garlic

All you have to do is combine everything in a food processor!  You don’t even really have to chop the dill–the food processor will do it for you.  I also did not rinse/drain the beans like I normally do which is why I think I could use a ton less oil in this recipe.

If you like dill, you will love this dip!!  Now that I can’t eat pickles (tear), I’m going to have to incorporate a lot more dill into my foods to get that pickley taste.  We served with pita chips..so good!

After that, I decided to bust out the Kodiak Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie mix that my mom had in the cupboard…

I swapped out 1/2 the butter with greek yogurt

I also salted the top.  Great cookies!  Almost as good as the best cookies ever…but not quite.

Off to dinner, have a great night!


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