Super speedy workouts

Did you guys hear that kale is the new spinach?  That was the claim on Modern Family at least.  Love that show!

Today, I thought I would talk a little about working out, mostly about patterns and how I found a good one for me that might also work for you (hopefully will!).  Please know that this is just my own opinion based on my own experience and might not work for everyone.
Working out is just something that I think of as part of my daily routine on most days.  But I understand that things come up, work is busy or traffic is bad and sometimes I just don’t feel like working out.  I am a person that actually prefers to workout in the morning so that when stuff comes up during the day or after work, I will have already gotten my workout in!  But now that I have to get to work extra early to avoid the worst traffic hours, it doesn’t leave me time to also get my workout in.   That is why at the beginning of the week, I try to think ahead and schedule in workouts almost everyday.  I find that like meals, if I plan which workouts I’m going to do each week and actually schedule them into my day, it is harder to just skip them because I don’t feel like going after a long day of work.  This might sound like really obvious advice, but I never did it until recently and was really amazed how much it helped me to really make exercising more of a priority.  Just sitting down and thinking about which days I had things to do at night, which days I need to be at work early, etc makes it easier to get to the gym even when I am busy.
Since joining a new gym, I have ventured out and tried more classes which makes planning a little easier since all I have to do is show up.   If I’m not taking a class, I try to have a plan of what I want to get done at the gym for that day (just cardio, weights, a mix of both, etc) as well as how long I want to spend at the gym.  I think it is a commonly held belief that you need to be at the gym for hours each day to get results, but that isn’t necessary if you are maximizing the time that you do have. I actually prefer a wham bam thank you ma’am workout because I usually feel like I’m putting more effort into those instead of going at a slow and steady pace.
My personal problem is that once I have an idea in mind of the days I’m going to work out vs the days I’m not, I don’t give myself a ton of flexibility with that plan.  I don’t do a good job of just listening to how I feel and working from there.   I think workout planning is great and has definitely allowed me to squeeze in workouts even on my busiest days, but I also think it is important to give yourself a break if you feel extra tired or take it easy the day after a super tough workout.  It is all about balance, no?
Here are two of my favorite workouts that gets you into the gym and out in no time, and you will feel tired after!
Feel free to adjust pace up or down if necessary.  The reason I adjust to 45 seconds at 9 towards the end is because I get too tired to run for a full minute!
This is the amount of weight that I usually use, but make sure to adjust accordingly.  You should be just able to finish the set with the weight you have.
Do ‘supersets’ for each exercise (the first ‘A’, then ‘B’ without rest. Repeat for 3 sets before moving onto the next se of A/B)
Here are a few other good quick workouts:


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  1. Great blog – came over from Kath Eats! Thanks for the cardio help, this time of year is always difficult to get motivated. However, with bathingsuit season right around the corner, its definitely needed :)

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