Fun in b-town

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Bloomington has been lots of fun.  Last night at Andrew’s request we went to a restaurant called Mother Bear’s for dinner.   Mother Bear’s is a ‘famous’ pizza place in Bloomington and was really talked up by my brother and his roommate Jimmy.  They claimed that it was the best pizza in the country, which is saying something coming from Andrew because he absolutely loves pizza.   Obviously, if someone tells me the pizza place is the best in the country, I am going to have high expectations.  Mother Bears definitely lived up to my expectations, although I don’t think I would say the very best I have had.  It was ranked number 8 in the country by People magazine though which is pretty impressive!

We started our meal with two salads.  The house salad was served with goldfish in place of croutons which I thought was a cute idea.  The second salad had mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and broccoli served with ranch and I focused on that one.  Then we ordered two pizzas, one with pepperoni and banana peppers and the other with chicken sausage, banana peppers, portobella mushrooms, black olives and tomatoes.   I have to say the pizza was really, really good.   I don’t know if I can put it at number one, but up there on my list for sure.  The pizza was doughy enough but not overly so, and the crust had more than enough flavor.   The sauce was perfect and there were a ton of toppings, but not so much that it overwhelmed the pizza.    Apparently when Andrew and Jimmy lived down the street from this place they used to eat it every single day.   That sounds dangerous to me.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera cord, so I will add all of those pics into Bloomington part two.

After dinner, we dropped the boys off and headed back to our hotel.  We hung out for a bit and then I hit the hay so I could get up early for a workout at the hotel gym.    I was tempted to go crash the sorority formal that was going on in our hotel but managed to hold myself back.  The gym at the hotel is small but had everything I needed.  A full set of free weights, medicine balls, a couple weight machines and treadmill of course.

I woke up really late so I only had time for about 20 minutes of cardio and a few weights and called it a day. I’m actually really sore from a body bump type class I took yesterday so I didn’t mind taking it easy today.   I had been hearing a ton of good things about Body Pump and when I saw a description for a similar sounding class I had my fingers crossed that it would be the  same and it was!  I really loved the class and I think I will try to become a regular now that I know what all the hype is about.

After my workout we went in search of coffee.   Andrew had an exam this morning so we were killing time until he finished at 11.  He also wanted to go to lunch after so we didn’t want to eat much.  I had half a banana before my workout and then split this oatcake with my mom:

The oatcake was delicious and was from this awesome grocery store/market called Bloomingfoods!  I read about it before coming and was excited to see they had bulk bins aplenty.  I stocked up on quinoa,  nutritional yeast, dried fruit, lavender, crystallized ginger, oats and a few other things.  I also got a Kombucha since I don’t really drink coffee.

My dad was astonished at the 4 dollar price tag, but it was quite tasty.  Not something I can afford to buy often though.  **Edit: I did not pay for this myself, my dad bought it for me which is why I didn’t care spending that much :) .  (happy now dad?)

I’ll post the rest of our day’s activities once I have pic’s.  We just stocked Rew’s fridge (we being my mom and dad) and we are now cleaning his apartment and doing his laundry (say what…lucky guy over here).   I find it hilarious what he eats vs what I ate in college (or now for that matter).  He would barely allow any fruits or vegetables into the cart and let us put lettuce in only when we promised we would buy ranch to go with it.  I am not sure how you could never eat a fruit or vegetable.  Sad, so sad.  We also snuck some frozen veggies in although I’m not sure they will be eaten.  The only fruit we managed was some canned stuff.  What the heck is wrong with this boy?  The rest was some serious boy food: frozen burritos, frozen pizzas, chili, hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese, salami, beef soup, mac and cheese, mashed potato mix, bacon, eggs, etc.




My mom made him some chili while I made some chocolate chip cookies.  Both were from a box (Bear Creek for the chili, Betty Crocker for the cookies).  Besides all this cleaning/shopping/organizing, lot’s of eating is going on too!  I promise tomorrow’s post will be picture heavy to make up for my forgetfulness today.

Off to dinner, goodnight!


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  3. Ziggy

    I’m glad you fessed up to the tea katie. I’m sure your dad is happy now

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