Easter in Bloomington

Well, home from Bloomington, wow it’s a long drive.  I got a chance to do some reading because Craig drove the entire way, I’m about halfway through Pat Conroy’s, The Water is Wide.  This is a book he wrote years ago that I have been meaning to read for some time, it was originally published in 1972 and it’s his story of teaching on an island off the coast of South Carolina for a year.  I just finished reading The Pat Conroy Cookbook:  The Story of My Life.  It’s a quick read, full of lots of entertaining stories of his life, how he learned to love cook and of course recipes to go along with the stories. 

It’s hard to believe it could rain for an entire weekend without much of a break.   In spite of the weather we had a nice weekend.  I bought what I hope will be a great pair of running shoes at Indiana Running Company.  What a great place to buy a pair of running shoes.  I have been having heel and hip pain when I run so haven’t run much lately.  I told the salesperson the trouble I have been having and he had me try a couple pairs of shoes to start.  They have a little indoor track to try out the shoes.  They watch you run up and down the track and ask how the shoes feel.  After trying quite a few pairs and getting in a bit of running I narrowed it down to 2 pairs and then he had me run with one of each on and I finally chose the exact pair that Katie has, Adidas SNOVA glide 3W.  I’ll give them a try tomorrow.

We tried a  restaurant we haven’t been to before, Malibu Grill.  It’s just a few blocks from the hotel we usually stay at which is a big plus because we always enjoying walking to dinner if we can.  They have a really wide selection of items on the menu and we all enjoyed our meals.  Katie had a beautiful piece of seared tuna, Craig and Andrew both had steaks that they devoured and I had a great pasta dish with scallops and shrimp.  Katie and I each tried a martini as they’re known for their martinis and both were perfectly prepared. Craig had a flight of Glenlivet Scotch, 3 tastes of different ages of Scotch.  Don’t know why we haven’t tried this place before.  We are putting this on the top of our list of favorites for Bloomington.

For Easter Brunch we headed to a tried and true favorite, Farm Bloomington and had another great meal.  We left just before the Easter egg hunt began as we were too old to get in on the fun, age 12 and under.  They were hiding eggs all around the restaurant as we were leaving, it might have gotten a little crazy!!

The farmers market in Bloomington got me thinking about gardening and what I’ll plant.  Can’t wait for the weather to break. 

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